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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E01)

LGBTQ+ streaming platform OUTtv has released its new competition series, Sew Fierce, which aims to showcase the craft of drag in all its glory. As someone who loves clothes and loud outfits, my dream would be to create the concoctions I have in my brain, this show allows that in the form of a sewing competition. The premise is for eight contestants to take on new weekly challenges and win a grand cash prize of $10,000!

Hosting Sew Fierce, we’re back in the safe arms of  Barbada De Barbardes who we’re all familiar with during hit reality show Call Me Mother. Joining Barbada as the design mentor is Jamie Lujan (also known as Lucinda Miu) you’ll recognize as the seamstress from the same show. 

OUTtv's Sew Fierce (S01 E01) 5

Both hosts give us a glimpse into how wonderful the world of sewing and drag is and its importance in an artist’s life. What I love even more is that it feels like a PSA video on appreciating the hours spent creating outfits we love and adore onstage. To say this cast is diverse is an understatement, the cast is brimming with people from all backgrounds. Once again OUTtv creating a positive and uplifting show for us to enjoy with minimum drama. 

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Each contestant gives a run-through of their personal aesthetics to us the audience and the mentors. Many contestants have well-thought-out ideas, a favorite of mine is Bebe Brunjes who loves to play around with gender. They plan to create ‘The Pink One’ a giant tulle pink dream gown. 

Having eight contestants allows us to see their process in more detail, and get to know them faster without feeling forced. Some contestants dream big and as the saying goes go big or go home. Contestant Dianna is doing just that conducting what can only be described as a Tim Burton – Edward Scissorhands moment, crafting mechanical scissors onto her outfit is incredibly ambitious. 

Sew Fierce is made up of segments to break the episode up nicely, ‘The Fitting’ allows us to see just how well these garments have been created, or a glimpse into how the process is flowing. Eight gorgeous drag queens/models descend face and hair ready, all that’s missing is that important outfit. It’s nerve-wracking to see just how this goes. How many times have we all struggled in a fitting room with an outfit willing to fit? The decorum of privacy is exempt for these queens and contestants for our viewing pleasure. There is no sabotage or sets up here, each contestant is assigned a model that is perfect for their aesthetics and outfit. Again this company knows how to create good TV without having to give the contestants mental breakdowns to create drama. 

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Once the fittings are sorted, we get to see them during the next step ‘The Photo Segment’, and everyone looks incredible. We have real-life Barbies, Punk throwbacks, Vivienne Westwood couture, and a Disney-esque villain, the diversity in the looks showcases how well-cast this show is. No two looks or contestants are the same. With the photo session over, it’s time for the judges to mull over the looks. 

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OUTtv's Sew Fierce (S01 E01) 7

Missy is up first to showcase her creation and it’s incredible, the cascade of red that encapsulates the model is amazing. It wouldn’t look out of place on Dragula, it’s that level of high-end. Missy has sewn for drag queens before, and she beautifully puts it in her work of art “It’s beautiful and it’s F**ked up.” Joining Barbada And Lucinda is guest judge Evan Clayton who praises the photo.

Terrence is out with his model and it’s a Vivienne Westwood couture outfit, the only thing I personally dislike is the hat it takes the eye away. His inspiration for the outfit is honoring the black women he admired at church when he was a small child. The small details of embroidered butterflies are an homage to his mother and grandmother who passed away within two weeks of each other. It’s a touching detail that fits in beautifully with his creation. Up next Dianna’s outfit is straight out of a Disney villain origin, it’s gorgeous, and it shows the right amount of leg. As if the concept wasn’t already a nightmare, she puts into action her scissor creation and it sits delicately above the leg whilst whirring into action. 

Gidget Galore is here to show us drag at its finest, it’s a mix of old Hollywood drag and an eclectic print against glaring pink. The silhouette fits perfectly, although the accessories are over the top, isn’t that drag? Kyle brings us some Parisian flare next with a tulle skirt and beret, for me the photo was the crowning moment. Seven bring us to the cosplay world next, as stated previously they’re a big cosplayer and loves to embrace creating outfits reflecting that. Having never made outfits for others they did great, the striking spikey collar is the focus point. Bebe comes next with their vomit in pink number, it’s making a statement on gender, and of course, I loved it. Finally, Benjamin brings us this ultra-chic gold pearl number, the catsuit is sophisticated and dripping pearls and stones. For me it’s one of the standouts, it’s high fashion it’s couture, and looks like stepped out of fashion week. 

The top three this week are Dianna, Benjamin, and Missy. With Diana the winner, a well-deserved winner from the top three. A win grants her the advantage of next week’s challenge of having an accompanying photographer work with her. The not-so-fierce bottom two are Seven and Kyle, in a theatrical twist the judges declare no one is going home! The first episode of Sew Fierce has debuted, and it’s a great conceptual show that allows people to shine in their own unique way with no rules on how they should create. It allows us to see an unfiltered look at the beauty in their craft and the power of drag.

Tune into Sew Fierce every Wednesday on OUTtv.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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