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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E02)

After the joy of no one going home, we delve straight into episode two! Once again showcasing the craft that is designing and creating. Barbada parades the wonderful sponsors and partners who help get the models in drag, with Singer helping provide the designers with top-notch sewing machines. Mini wig shop by Bam Bam, which is styled by in-house stylist Chad Hurst, along with providing body padding for the models. Creating outfits the designers are provided with fabrics at Queen of Raw (raw materials for the independent designer.) Finally, those gorgeous faces have makeup by Rude (Makeup with an attitude.), showing it truly takes a village to allow these unsung heroes to shine bright.

Each week we will be joined by guest judges to give a helping hand and my fangirl heart is jumping for joy this week. What’s her name? That’s right the queen of everyone’s hearts and Canada’s Drag Race season 1 winner Priyanka will be judging from the comfort of her home. As a guest, she assigns this week’s challenge, as she’s to appear in a brand new movie Sunshine and Rainbows. The challenge set is for the eight designers o create the perfect leading lady. A helpful hint is to remember that it could be worn by Priyanka, so no pressure, although reassuring the cast they’ll do great Priyanka is the much-needed hype energy designers need in a competition.

Jumping to work and each designer goes about the look differently, doing the rounds and offering words of advice Lucinda mentors the designers. Offering tips and tricks, gently guiding them into what their strengths are. Missy as always is pushing herself and is making a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland inspired gown.

Bring on the models, it’s fitting room tie, and each outfit is so unique and creative from the other. As last week’s winner, Dianna gets the bonus of having a photographer showcase the model’s look tenfold. It allows Dianna to direct the angles she wants without worrying about the photo quality, her model is giving us 80’s dynasty it’s stunning. The ones that stand out the most for me are Kyle’s yellow floral 60’s number, the styling and wig by the model feed into my Barbie fantasy, and that of a certain drag queen I love dearly. Another standout for me is Benjamin and his floral tulle number, it screams sunshine and summer which fits the brief.

During deliberations, this week both Barbarda and Lucinda analyzed the quality of the outfit’s away from the designers. Each contest explains the premise and idea of how their creation for the film role. Most explanations have definitely come to life, and are executed well, listening to inspirations for each outfit is an interesting look into their vision.

Winning the big needle this week is Benjamin a well-deserved win. The bottom two of this week are Seven and Bebe, both for just falling short of the assignment. Leaving this week we say a farewell to Seven. Missing the mark on their outfit just slightly, Seven praises themself for getting on the show with a talented bunch of people as they should.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Tune into Sew Fierce every Wednesday on OUTtv.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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