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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E03)

We’re back for episode three of Sew Fierce and while last week we said farewell to Seven, a brand new week allows a brand new challenge. We’re introduced to this week’s judge Niq Vander Aa, a cosplayer, costume designer, drag queen, and fashion educator at Richard Robinson Academy in Ottawa.

 The challenge for the contestants this week is to create an outfit for the cosplay world. For those who’ve attended DragCon, some of the most incredible outfits are created by fans to replicate their favorite outfits from the runway or drag queen. Whilst attending Dragworld, I made a feeble attempt at a Trixie Mattel-inspired outfit. I’m in awe of the cosplay world, as a lot of time and dedication goes into making such outfits, so this week I’m excited to see what will be presented.

In the walk around, both Lucinda and Barbarda got to see what the contestants are inspired to create, including what their connections to the cosplay world are. Some are going to be very creative and outstanding. The great thing about this contest is no two artists are alike, as each could not be more different aesthetics-wise. 

After winning last week’s challenge, Benjamin gets an accompanying photographer to bring his vision to life. Whilst the others take their own photos, once again the models are assigned perfectly to the contestants. Each one meets the brief and looks outstanding in the garments. For me the most eye-catching during the photography session is Missy.

It’s time for the looks and just on a side note, how stunning does Lucinda always look when in drag for this segment? The look, the hair, and the make-up are always so on point! Back to the show! This week’s judge gives their critique to the contestants, as they go over the outfits with a fine comb to inspect the craftsmanship. Everyone has made it incredibly tough on them this week and I would say each outfit stands out for its own reasons.

Missy, for me, has the strongest look, since its original and incredibly detail oriented and clearly a lot of thought and effort went into this look. Another standout is Dianna. Her explanation for her creation is the process of an ADHD creative who hyper-focuses, yet reverts to self-doubt and negative talk. I think all creative people can most definitely relate to this issue a lot! We all love to create, yet that inner voice can hinder us. 

Making it clear that this week is most certainly the hardest to judge due to the excellence of each outfit. Critiquing is over and the top two is Terrence, whose face wonderfully shows his shock at his placement. Alongside Terrence, Missy also places top thanks to her Covid superhero. I would agree with the top two. Both are well-executed yet so different from each other. The bottom two are Gidget and Bebe. While I liked both outfits, again, I agree with the placement. We say a farewell to Bebe who graciously talks about what an honor it was to be on the show, rounding off the speech with “See you on All Stars!” Icon.

So we’re down to six contestants,! What did we think of this week’s episode and who was your superhero? Tune into Sew Fierce every Wednesday on OUTtv.

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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E03) 3
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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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