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Korean Drag Queen Hurricane Kimchi Releases New Single and Music Video “The Journey (Korean Title: 가는 길에 있어요)”

South Korean drag artist and singer-songwriter Hurricane Kimchi released their 9th single and first ever trot single on Friday 14th April, The Journey (Korean Title: 가는 길에 있어요)”written by Hurricane Kimchi and co-composed with Canadian musician B.A. Wheeler. The musician previously worked on the music of K-pop stars Lee Hi and Sunwoo Jung-a. The song’s lyrics ask the audience to take a moment to look around and notice the precious things and people around them now, instead of missing out on them while chasing “the perfect future” and shallow goals.

The music video for The Journey features three different visually striking looks from Hurricane Kimchi and emphasis a cute love story of a Korean queer couple. The video showcases the queer art form that is drag and emphasizing the existence of queer people and their love. Through the power of music, her new music video focuses on the ongoing fight against the homophobia of South Korea where there is no anti-discrimination law to protect LGBTQ+ people, and same-sex couples cannot get married.

30th April Hurricane KimChi had a single release show at ‘The Studio HBC’ in Haebangchon, Seoul. American singer-songwriter Geoffrey Lewis and British drag artist Sh’needza Woman performed as guest artists at the show. 

Currently, Hurricane Kimchi performs every weekend in Haebangchon, Kyeongridan, or Hongdae, in Seoul, and also plans to perform at a few Queer Culture Festivals (Korean equivalent of Pride) in South Korea, this year. Besides her talent as a songstress Hurricane Kimchi is a known primarily as an important drag queen and activist who has been active in the LGBTQ+ scene in South Korea and overseas since the early 2010s. Due to her important activism she was featured and interviewed by the BBC highlighting her art.

Releasing her first single as a singer-songwriter in 2020. In 2018, she co-founded the LGBTQ+ culture and rights organization Seoul Drag Parade, and was selected as one of 30 Under 30 artists by Forbes Asia.

Watch the music video of ‘The Journey’ below:

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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