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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E05)

We’re halfway through the competition and left with five creatives reaching closer to winning the grand cash prize of $10,000!

A favorite and highly desirable theme is set for the designers this week and we are going Burlesque. The word can be depicted in many ways to each person to me of course it’s Dita Von Teese and her glamoruous world. Each designer shows us their conception and what conjures up outfit-wise. 

Lucinda and Barbuda do the rounds of delving into the contestant’s designs and ideas. Not to generalise the contestants but once the theme was announced I got excited to see what Dianna could create. Explaining her love of Burlesque Dianna tells other planned pink creations. I knew I could count on her – showcasing the concept with feathers, rhinestones, and sequins is a dream. Gidget this week is going for a beautiful oyster pearl creation, the other side of the room and we see Missy doing what she does best out of the ordinary. Fusing outside-the-box creations with the traditional pretty ideas of a Vegas showgirl.

This week we have a make-up artist going around and seeing the designer’s outfit, concept, and ideas to be able to bring their ideas to life with the power of makeup. Again I love the teamwork, the coming together of photographers, and models it brings a positive atmosphere that uplifts the competitors to their best potential. 

Joining the judges this week is Chad a costume designer, wig stylist, and drag padding extraordinaire. Judging is a tough feat this week all demonstrate a high level of not only idea but execution. Throw in the well-shot photos and it’s a viewer’s dream but a judge’s nightmare.

The top two are Gidget and Kyle both created wondrous outfits that delivered the assignment. Yet there can only be one winner and it rightfully goes towards Gidget! An emotional moment for him, especially with a deep-rooted meaning placed behind the garment. This leads us to the bottom two which unfortunately are Benjamin and Missy.

The Burlesque challenge has without doubt put difficult decision-making in the hands of the judges. This was evident in the painstaking choice that they cannot make. In a twist, they ask Missy and Benjamin to explain the other person’s outfit should stay. Sell it so that they would want to buy it, instead (and what I loved) was the positive that radiated out. 

Both went into detail about not only their love for their fellow contestant but made valid claims about their opposition’s talent. Making an impression on Lucinda in particular, they declare a halt to filming as they truly cannot decide who should leave. Cutting the cameras, to decide to return for their final verdict, we all love a bit of drama and it was nice to see a little bit heightened for the verdict. With the competition so tough, Barbuda announces that no one is going home. Neither deserved to leave due to the intricate work and the high-level detail.

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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E05) 3

Be sure to follow OUTtv on all social media as all the designers that were eliminated will be creating looks that they didn’t get a chance to present. It’s down to YOU at home, to vote which one is your favorite look! 

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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