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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Screen Queens (S08 E04)

Another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 has dropped on Paramount+ and though we will miss Mrs. Kasha Davis following her elimination, the show must go on. The queens addressed Jessica Wild’s win, and how Heidi N Closet struggled with feeling like the judges were not seeing her effort. 

However, when the new day in the workroom rolled around, Heidi was back in her usual happy spirit. She accidentally said she would give the girls the ‘hyman,’ when she meant the Heisman. It was great. RuPaul entered and shared that this week’s challenge would be an acting one, and in order to figure out what group they would be performing with, they had to pop a balloon on the pit crew. A normal concept.

Team one featured LaLa Ri, Kahanna Montrese, and Heidi, team two was made up of Kandy Muse, Jessica, and Jimbo, and team three was composed of Darienne Lake, Jaymes Mansfield, and Alexis Michelle. The teams would be acting in tv show trailers with producer Michelle Visage!

While planning their trailer, Jimbo and Kandy found themselves at odds. They struggled to come up with ideas they both agreed on. When they finally settled on a high school concept, their storyline was so raunchy that even Michelle thought it was over the top. Regardless, the group ended up enjoying themselves in the end. It was time for team one to hit the set and while I had no idea what they were doing, LaLa and Heidi were so insane it was hilarious. Kahanna had a bit of trouble with her performance, though. Finally, the last team was up, and they clearly struggled the most. 

The queens hit the main stage in front of Ru, Michelle, TS Madison, and Maud Apatow. The category for the runway was Ass the world turns. It was fun to see the different interpretations of the category. I loved seeing Darienne looking so confident in her look and of course, I was obsessed with Jimbo’s inflatable ass look, but can we talk about Heidi’s donkey look? Brilliant. 

Then came the premiere of the queens’ trailers. None of the trailers were true flops, which is always positive. LaLa, Heidi, and Kahanna were safe. The least funny trailer was Jaymes, Darienne, and Alexis’, and they got the most critiques for their performance. While they may not have been the funniest, they all got high praise for their looks. Alexis quickly threw Darienne under the bus in front of the judges, which was not the best look for her. As for the tops, Kandy, Jimbo, and Jessica hit a home run with the judges for their performance. 

In the end, Jimbo won the challenge, while Darienne, Jaymes, and Alexis fell to the bottom. Jimbo faced off against lip sync assassin Shannel. The song was Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. Both queens were dressed for the performance. It was a close call, but Shannel got the win, revealing the lipstick of the queen the rest of the competitors chose. Sadly, Darienne was selected to get the chop. 

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars: Screen Queens (S08 E04) 1
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