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OUTtv’s Sew Fierce (S01 E06)

You are the Dancing queen, young and sweet only 17. We all associate the phrase with the iconic ABBA 70’s number, and this week the competitors are tasked to create a Dancing Queen number. This dancing queen number must also be music video ready.

Kyle’s creating an outfit with a gorgeous concoction of pink and silk fabrics, he has a clear idea I imagine will be nothing but stunning. Missy once again takes us outside the box, away from the sequins and sparkles. Her drawing depicts a head in a cage along with Tim Burton-esque aesthetics I do love how varied each contestant’s ideas are.

After winning last week’s challenge Gidget gets the privilege of an accompanied photographer shooting his outfit. It’s a glitzy Las Vegas number, holographic and shining for the strip, I like the detail the only thing I didn’t like was the hair. Kyle for me has captured the essence of the dancing queen, the bellbottom detail-oriented outfit I love. It screams Trixie Mattel, something you would see her wear onstage so perhaps im slightly engrossed for those reasons. But it fits the model beautifully and is just stunning. 

Missy explains her look in great detail and what I particularly admire is her love for music and relating her outfit back to the band Tool. To love an artist, deconstructing the message of the video to engrain it to fit the brief is truly creative. I like how different it was from the others, all various genres can be dancing queens and Missy proved that. 

The judges are ready to get to business and go over these gowns with a fine toothcomb, remember last week the standard was exceptionally high. Joined throughout with Kiki Coe helping them guest judge another outstanding array of outfits. Announcing the top two for this week is Dianne and Gidget his second week in a row. Yet the owner of this week’s golden needle goes to Gidget! This week someone will be going home and the bottom two are Benjamin and Kyle, and the person going home is Kyle. Little shocked to see him go home, his outfit was strong, yet the judges felt he missed the mark slightly. 

Be sure to follow OUTtv on all social media as all the designers that were eliminated will be creating looks that they didn’t get a chance to present. It’s down to YOU at home, to vote which one is your favorite look!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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