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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Snatch Game of Love (S08 E05)

The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars returned to the workroom following the elimination of Darienne Lake. Jimbo celebrated her second win of the season and it’s only episode 5. 

RuPaul then entered the workroom and shared that the queens would participate in the Snatch Game of Love! Of course, some contestants were more comfortable with trying out their comedy chops than others. Jessica Wild recounted her iconic performance as Ru in front of Ru. Jaymes Mansfield shared she was portraying the one and only Jennifer Coolidge. Her voice was spot-on. Kahanna Montrese decided to channel her drag mother, the legendary Coco Montrese. Jimbo chose to take a risk by playing Shirley Temple. Heidi N Closet made the interesting decision to take on the role of Blackbeard (do we never bold a pirate?) the pirate. 

Heidi, Jessica as Iris Chacon, Kahanna, and Jaymes were in the first group. The snatchelor was Matt Rogers. Kahanna and Jessica struggled a bit, while Heidi and Jaymes were having fun making jokes with one another and the other contestants. In the end, Matt chose Jaymes!

Then came group two, consisting of Alexis Michelle as Bea Arthur, Kandy Muse as Renee Graziano of Mob Wives fame, LaLa Ri as Sukihana from Love and Hip Hop Miami, and Jimbo as Shirley Temple. Their snatchelor was the incredible Bowen Yang. Alexis and Jimbo were in their element, while LaLa landed jokes well. Kandy seemed to fall a bit flat, but maybe, she was outshined by the rest of the group. Bowen chose to run off into the sunset with Jimbo.  

After the Snatch Game of Love, Kandy and Kahanna started talking about Heidi. Kahanna eventually called Heidi out to her face, stating how offended she was that she was joking around at her expense. Heidi made it clear she was not trying to sabotage her. She was trying to throw her more jokes to work off of, but Kahanna claims she was hurt by the whole thing. Jaymes’ two cents was that Heidi was playing the game as God intended, which I agree with. Kandy then decided to call out Heidi, too, though Heidi made it clear that Kandy did say that, and Alexis agreed but then backtracked. It was incredibly silly. Kandy then claimed that even if she said that, Heidi should have been loyal. What? This conversation made my head hurt.

Heidi said that this was turning ugly, and she chose to leave. She shared that she lost her peace and her joy here. LaLa was sweet and comforted Heidi, but ultimately, she decided to follow through with exiting the competition. 

After all that, the queens had to hit the runway in front of Ru, Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Bowen, and Matt. The category was ruveal yourself, which is exactly what you think it is. I loved that Jessica made a joke about her chicken look from season 2. I also enjoyed Jaymes’ look because it was so perfectly her. I don’t even have words for Jimbo’s look. It was something only she can pull off and she pulled it off so well. 

Kandy and LaLa were safe, while Jessica and Kahanna fell into the bottom two. Jimbo won yet another challenge! She faced off against lip sync assassin Jasmine Kennedie. The song was Hallucinate by Dula Peep err Dua Lipa. It was clear Jasmine was going to win this one. I loved when she pulled out the Dua choreo. Neither Jessica nor Kahanna would be going home this week due to Heidi’s self-elimination. Everyone lives to slay another day.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars: Snatch Game of Love (S08 E05) 3
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