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Drag Queens

Get A Sneak Peek At Honey Davenport & Alaska’s “Legendary” New Collaboration!

Collaborations between our favorite drag performers have become commonplace at times, but it’s rare that they’re this “Legendary”! New York City performance dynamo, recording artist and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 alumni Honey Davenport has teamed up with Drag Race All Stars 2 winner Alaska (who’s own 2022 album “Red 4 Filth” was spectacular)! Combining their superpowers, they’ve crafted the thumping and moody dance anthem “Mighty Legendary”! With the Mistr-sponsored music video dropping very soon, Honey & video director Ron Katagirl spoke with me about this stunning new collab, the meaning behind it, and why

Davenport gave me a little background on the origin of “Mighty Legendary”, telling “I wrote the song “Mighty Legendary”, produced by my good friend Trent Park, as a flex. I had just gotten off a 10 hour commute to the west coast, where I had flown into San Diego to compete for Miss Southern California Continental.The whole time I was thinking about how legendary it would be to walk off a plane and win a pageant, and that I did”!

“When I discussed with my best friend (Miss Paradise) Sapphira Cristàl how amazing it was, she reminded me of how many other awesome things I have done in my over sixteen years of drag”.

Davenport went on to tell us how the collaboration with Alaska came about, saying “When Alaska, one of the most legendary queens I know, heard the track she immediately agreed to do a “Legends Only” remix-which blew my mind! Sometimes I haven’t always felt like the world sees my worth, but having a drag deity affirm my talents has given me a newfound appreciation of my own art, and I hope that those who have been following or are just tuning in sing along and feel just as legendary as I do”.

Director Ron Katagirl told “It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Honey, Alaska and BeeZee Productions. This music video is truly a labor of love from everyone. I am so grateful that Honey and her team gave me their full trust in making this vision a reality. The process of making the video isn’t that easy, but always very rewarding especially when you see the final outcome. We wanted to create a fun and sexy visual for this amazing song and I think we did it. Beyond what you see on the screen, I especially love the fact that we truly had so much fun on set. Everyone brought their A-game and good energy which you can definitely see throughout the entire video”.

As for the partnership with Mistr, Katagirl is equally as thrilled, saying “We were so fortunate to have Mistr as our major partner and I just love how they have been so supportive of the community. I think it is important to consistently and continuously send the message across that our fight against HIV/AIDS and the stigma that comes with it is not yet over. We still have a long way to go but getting people on PreP and educating as much of the audience as possible is one of the many steps we need to take towards a future free of AIDS and the stigma that comes with it”.

As for Honey, their musical passion remains spreading the love and hitting the dance floor, in that order, telling me “I have always tried to write music that inspired us to love more, and I have used my lyrics as a reminder to my listeners of how we can love each other and our differences even more.This song was me loving myself and all the iconic things I have done under a wig. I hope that listeners get not only a dance hit out to this one, but also a chance to celebrate themselves on the dance floor as I did in the booth”!

Keep an eye on for the full video for “Mighty Legendary” coming soon!

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Get A Sneak Peek At Honey Davenport & Alaska's "Legendary" New Collaboration! 3

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