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Film Review: Neighbors

Writer’s Note: I’m not gonna lie, I did NOT want to do a review of this film. The article I wanted to post was a Buzzfeed-esque list of all the things, with images, that I want to do with Zac Efron. Unfortunately Chiffon killed that idea due to “decency standards” and probably to keep her friends over at The 700 Club happy. I hope you enjoy my review nonetheless.

I had no expectations of this film going in. Truly. Yes, it was a fun little marketing campaign considering that it focused mainly on a shirtless Zac Efron, but I still knew little other than what the trailers showed. The trailers, as it turns out, gave away very little.

The chemistry of the cast was spectacular. Everyone worked off each other like a well-oiled machine. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Seth Rogen was in the zone and was the main hub of comedy. He was always able to be a constant source of comedic energy that everyone else fed off of, and gave back in their own way.

I love Rose Byrne. She was spectacular. The fact that she did a role like Ellen Parsons (in the amazing and highly recommended Damages) and a role like this, proves that her range is boundless.

Dave Franco is an underrated comedic master. His work here was hilarious in a subtle, yet over-the-top, way. He had a grasp on his timing and it worked perfectly.

Efron…oh Efron. Much like Miley, he has officially killed the Disney kid he once was with his character here. His ability to play a sociopathic partier was fantastic to watch. While he was shirtless a lot…it somehow always felt right and never gratuitous. The kid had comedic body language and timing down pat in a way many might not expect. I truly look forward to whatever he has next.

I think what I loved most of all was that this movie was so many different things at once: Comedy, dark comedy, romance, coming of age (on many levels, especially for the generation most likely to see it), thriller, revenge movie, action, etc., and yet it all remained tight and contained. It never wasted a moment and I walked out feeling very satisfied, I’d even see it twice in theaters.

The movie is well worth the effort to go see as soon as possible.

That’s it for me here folks.

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