A Haute Second with Spencer: The American Music Awards 2016


Hello Friends! My Spencer senses are tingling. I sense a red carpet among us… Yes, last night were The American Music Awards of 2016. The show had its highs and lows. Lady Gaga graced the stage with a piece that Billboard called  “a magical performance“. Green Day (yes you heard me) performed and left us with some words I am sure that our president-elect will be tweeting about any minute now. Unlike the election polls, pre-award show news got it completely right predicting Drake would steal the show after breaking a  “32-year-old record for the most nominations with 13 nods – including one for Favorite Male Artist – beating Michael Jackson’s previous record of 11 from 1984”. But you can never know what to expect with the AMA’s carpet. Some times it can be pretty low-key, and some years Lady Gaga is riding on-top of a horse made out of people… This was one of those low-key shows and it showed in the red carpet. But we still saw some stand-outs representing fashion and I am more than pleased to show them to you! Let’s do it. (Stars in no particular order)

Gigi Hadid wearing Roberto Cavalli

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Gigi Hadid had a big night being the host of the American Music Awards. I often don’t give Gigi the credit she deserves, but she really did kill it on the carpet. This white Roberto Cavalli gown is absolutely gorgeous and really this gown felt like one of the only “high fashion” pieces out there. Vogue and I agree that “the supermodel more than rose to the occasion.” That lace is just so exquisite… she looks like an angel. Well done Gigi… just please don’t host anything anymore.

Bella Thorne wearing Anthony Franco and Josie Natori

(Photo by Wireimage)

Bella Thorne is showing up on almost everyone’s “Worst Dressed List”, but I am not afraid to say that I actually kind of love this look. People are bashing her for the ombre hair but like… it’s cool though! EOnline made a point to say  the “multi-color neon hair took her look into tacky territory“. You people are just jealous that your brown hair will never be anything but brown! The pants and the jacket are very polished. The bra-piece is pretty hot and overall this ensemble is well-done. I am not saying she is the best dressed, but she definitely deserves more credit than what the world is giving her. I’m on your side girl.

Lady Gaga wearing Brandon Maxwell

(Photo by Frazer Harrison /Getty Images)

Must I say anything about this look. As always, Lady Gaga came and saved the day. Honestly, I bet Gaga is tired of having to show up to these events always having to give out fashion pointers because she just always looks 500 times more amazing than half the crowd. She is showing off her signature Joanne style while also still being Gaga and that makes me so happy. Also, as a ride-or-die little monster I can see the message she is trying to convey through her ensemble by the wonderful Brandon Maxwell. Lady Gaga “literally gave Hillary Clinton a hat tip on the red carpet” and that is why I freaking love her so much.#GAGA2020

Nina Dobrev wearing Zuhair Murad

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images)

Nina Dobrev looks stunning. I wish she was wearing a dress an not shorts but that silver textile is so cool. Also I think that is one of the most perfect hair sweeps I have ever seen accomplished. She is no Eva Green, but that is some perfect hair. This was very well done. A simple silhouette can go a long way. Take notes children.

Noah Cyrus wearing Cynthia Rowley

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Miley’s sister, Noah Cyrus apparently came out with music recently and is now doing solo red-carpet appearances. Well, I have to say that this is a very good start. This textile is beautiful. It covers her in all of the right places and I love the sleeves. Her hair falls perfectly on top of this dress and it’s just right. I’m interested to see what she does next!

Milla Jovovich wearing Elie Saab

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/AMA2016/WireImage)
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/AMA2016/WireImage)

Oh my goodness! Yes Milla you look so good! I was so happy to see one of my favorite people grace that carpet and she did not disappoint. I loved everything about this look. The plunging neckline was perfect and the black stripes almost have a feel of direction in them. This was just perfect and I want to high five her so bad. That is how it is done. I need to go watch “The Fifth Element” this instant. You guys better go see “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” this January or I will hit you…

This year I don’t feel like there was a impressive amount of people to make my best dressed list so I am presenting you my top two looks as opposed to my top three like I usually do. The winners are clear in my opinion. Lady Gaga and Milla Jovovich were the two stars who look like they have clearly been doing this for a while now and have mastered the carpet. I can’t decide who I like more so I just want to say they are both winners. Honestly, what have I done lately to deserve these two killing the carpet like that?

Lady Gaga and Milla Jovovich


Well, that’s it for me tonight. Now it’s your turn to vote in our poll and tell us who YOU think is the best dressed.  Vote and sound off in the comments! I would like to thank you all for joining me for another “Haute Second”. I would like to thank the stars for being such inspirations for this fashion geeks little heart. Last but not least, WERRRK.com for giving me a platform to talk about this art and rant endlessly about this stuff. See you at the next carpet!

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