A Haute Second with Spencer: The 2017 Grammy Awards

Hey guys! It’s time for the 59th Annual Grammys Awards! You all know this is my favorite awards show…. I am so excited! I mean where else can you see Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Daft Punk, and Sia in the same room… Wait, where the hell is Sia? I have been lied too!! Adele gave a wonderful performance and I think we got to see a real human side of her. Lady Gaga and Metallica was a match made in heaven. A Tribe Called Quest was pure perfection performing one of my favorite songs, “We The People”. Solange was recognized for “Cranes in the Sky”. But Joy Villa wearing the “Make America Great Again” dress down the red-carpet. Are you serious girl? No… The most frustrating part is that it was designed by Filipino immigrant Andre Soriano who is a avid Trump supporter. Well I have been around Andre Soriano before and this doesn’t surprise me honestly so let’s just move on…   I mean the dress wasn’t even attractive to begin with? Anyways the red carpet was “lit” as the children say so let’s get into it. Drinking game: Take a shot every-time I say the word Gaga. (Editor’s Note: Do NOT play this drinking game)

1. Skylar Grey wearing Mario Dice

       I love this look. It is simple yet very chic. This fabric just drapes so gracefully over Skylar’s leg. Skylar looks like a complete badass carrying that mug and I lived for it. All in all, a very well done look given to us by Mario Dice.

2. Demi Lovato wearing Julien Macdonald

Demi Lovato has never looked better. Honestly I can’t think of a time where Demi looked this good and I am so happy for her. I love the way her hair falls down her chest. The cut-out in the bodice shows the perfect amount of skin. This dress accentuates her body in all of the positive ways. I just love all of this. Ooooh girl!

3.  Lady Gaga wearing Alex Ulichny

Oh…. s**t… Gaga why are you SO PERFECT! I can’t even tell you how happy this look makes me. This look brings me straight back to the “Born This Way” era. The heels… the underboob, the blonde and pink hair… Gaga I love you. Also can I mention how perfect her performance was with Metallica. Is there anything you can’t do? This is an example why Gaga is a two time winner of the “WERRRK.com Best Dressed of the Year” award.

4.  Halsey wearing Christian Wijnants

Halsey is so beautiful. This is not exactly my favorite look of hers but it’s pretty cool. She is giving me serious TLC vibes which is a good thing… I think. Alright I will admit, I think I may just be wildly attracted to Halsey. She is just too beautiful to not give some spotlight too. Halsey, DM me your number… I would love to take you out to the Outback Steakhouse.

5. Solange wearing Gucci

Solange you gorgeous human being! Alright, it’s time for a little bit of WERRRK.com controversy and I am not afraid to say it. I love Solange and I find her so much more fun than Beyonce. Yes, Beyonce is perfect but just look at her sister. Solange has such beautiful music and even more beautiful looks. This look is a Gucci dream and the world is a little bit of a better place because of it.

6. Katy Perry wearing Tom Ford

Okay time for some more WERRRK.com controversy, I am a big opponent of Katy Perry’s fashion choices. But, Katy Perry showed up this year. Katy has always looked good in bright and pastel colors and tonight she did just that. I love this look and her new hair is flawless. I am getting the feeling that this is going to be a good year for Katy. Also, Katy’s new song is pretty good.  Not going to lie, I was a Katy Perry fan this time and I hope Katy earns much success with the new album!

7. Adele wearing Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci

Alright… I don’t like this dress. I wanted to include Adele because she KILLED it at the Grammys. Her performances were deep. Adele was real and transparent and that is why I love her! With that being said, this dress looks like cactus. Yes, cactus…. I mean does it not? Look at it! I am not a big fan of this color green, especially when you add thorns. I wish she wore any of her two outfits she wore while performing, on the red carpet. Oh well. I am sad that this was one of the final dresses we will see as a Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci who just announced he is leaving Givenchy.

8. Celine Dion wearing Zuhair Murad

The Queen Celine Dion is here and I am not worthy. I love this look! Of course, this is Zuhair Murad… a new favorite of mine. Anyways, Celine looks stunning. She gives a tasteful reveal of the leg. Her shoes are perfect.  The emerald green… ugh I love it! But my favorite part… the shoulders! Yes, I love a strong shoulder. Celine Dion you never fail to amaze me. My one wish is that she didn’t have her hair up. She has beautiful hair and I wish it was swept to the side like Demi Lovato’s. But that okay, 99/100.

Top 3 Best Dressed of The Grammys

The Top 3 Best Dressed of the night has to be Solange, Celine Dion, and Lady Gaga. They all just looked incredible as expected. Solange carried herself with such grace. Celine stood strong in a high fashion dress. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga went back to her roots in a edgy ensemble which gave me all sorts of life. Honestly, I don’t even know who the best dressed of the night is… That’s why I need you all to vote! Vote in our poll and comment below. Tell me who YOU thinks is the best dressed! we will announce on our Facebook later this week! Thank you all for reading and I will see you at the Oscar’s aka The La La Land awards.



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