A Haute Second with Spencer: The Oscars 2017

Hey everyone! Can you believe another Oscars has come and gone? Last night’s event was great. Jimmy Kimmel did a FANTASTIC job hosting just like I knew he would. His monologue was hilarious, his feud with Matt Damon never gets old, and the constant Trump shots were giving me all sorts of life. Jimmy was an all around great host and I hope to see him do it again in the future. The parties have barely ended and people are already speculating about who might be the host for next year’s Academy Awards. My suggestions for next year will have to be either Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Chelsea Handler or Kate McKinnon. Make that happen Oscars.

Meryl Streep was of course being over-rated the whole time (#Merylsayshi). Viola Davis brought me to tears with her speech. Zootopia won an award which sent me to a such a state of euphoria. Zootopia is freaking genius and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. But the end of that award show was so uncomfortable, I don’t even want to talk about it. Now, back to why I am here. I have not seen such a polished red-carpet since well…. the Grammys a few weeks ago! This years red-carpet fashion has really stepped up it’s game since the unforgiving year that shall not be named (2016). There were so many worthy of being labeled the Best-Dressed! Lets try and break it down!

Halle Berry wearing Versace

Yes! Halle Berry makes her long awaited return to the red carpet and she did not disappoint. Halley turned heads in a custom Versace  (“Thanks, I bought it at Ver-sayce.”) gown. You guys already know how I feel about this. You can NEVER go wrong in Versace. I love the fabric and the way it shimmered as she glided down the carpet. Not everyone seems to love it. Hey, it’s not the best gown to ever come down the runway. But it is pretty fantastic. She is Halle Berry and she looks like a goddess.

Ruth Negga wearing Valentino

This was the first gown I saw come down the carpet and I was in love! It has a very Victorian age feel to it. It looks just like one of Eva Green‘s costumes from Penny Dreadful, just in bright red. She looks amazing and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Also, lets bring attention to the ACLU ribbon in a effort to defend our values. Bless all of the celebs who brought this into the spotlight You look so good queen! Red is the color of the power and that is just the vibe Ruth was giving off the entire time.

Brie Larson wearing Oscar De La Renta

Oh my goodness. I am in awe. I love this entire look so much! I honestly think this is one of the best looks of the night hands down. The ruffles bring in a little bit of a 1980’s feel. But the pointed bodice and the black velvet make this feel so much edgier. This look is VERY 2017. I just have no words. I want to sketch this right now. Oscar De La Renta at it’s finest. Brie Larson never seems to disappoint me. If I were her, I would wear this dress for all eternity it is so good.

Jessica Biel wearing Kaufman Franco

Jessica Biel looks amazing! She looks just like an Oscar Trophy. This golden fabric is so beautiful. The fashion design graduate inside me really wants to rub it up and down. I really love the necklace too with the hair. It just ties the whole presentation in a beautiful bow. This has to be one of her best looks! Not to mention she carried Justin Timberlake around like a accessory! Not many people get to do that. Well done!

Emma Stone wearing Givenchy

When I saw Emma Stone walking down the carpet, I wanted to faint! She looks stunning. The frill coming down is so elegant and I loved watching it move. I love the golden fabric. Gold is really the color of the night. This for sure one of my favorite looks of the night. Congrats are also in order for Emma as she won in the “Best Actress” category. She definitely deserved this one and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Emma Stone is one of the greats. I am also proud of myself for not calling Emma Stone…. ‘Emma Watson“, like I have been all week due to that darn Beauty and the Beast movie coming out.

Taraji P. Henson wearing Alberta Ferretti

I have almost no words for this. I can’t even lie to you guys, this is for sure one of the best dressed looks of the night. Taraji is a living a full Hollywood glamour fantasy on the carpet. This gown perfectly shows off her chest and that leg. That fabric is so rich I just want to curl up inside it. There is nothing wrong with this in any way. Taraji could literally use this as her profile picture for the rest of her life. I would not be surprised if this was one of the best looks of the entire award season. I believe this is my favorite.

Emma Roberts wearing Vintage Armani Prive

My crush on Emma Roberts is so strong at this moment. She looks amazing. I do wish that the dress was monochromatic. Either all black or that off-white color. But either way, the construction is very timeless and Emma looks incredible. Also fun fact, did you know Emma Roberts is related to Julia Roberts? I had no idea. I know you might think that’s obvious but how many times have you seen them together… If that is often just don’t tell me and lets move on. Her hair is a prime example of #HairGoals because wow! Ohhh I love this. Emma you look amazing and please call me.

Janelle Monae wearing Elie Saab

Janelle Monae looks like actual royalty. This beautiful gown gives me Elizabeth I realness. If only Janelle had a giant golden crown on her head. Honestly this whole ensemble is perfect. Janelle was the perfect person to wear this dress. To me, this was a sparkling moment in Oscars history. Last year the Oscars took a lot of heat for it’s lack of black representation in nominations or awards. This year was a game changer and Janelle sealed the deal gliding down the carpet in this statement piece. I love this. Keep on fighting!

Karlie Kloss wearing Stella McCartney

Model Karlie Kloss came to the Oscars and of course rocked the runway.  It would be embarrassing if she looked bad really considering her profession is looking amazing. I love the one-shoulder cape on this dress! The all white against the carpet really popped and brought this angel to life. Let’s also bring our attention once again to the ACLU ribbon sitting on her hip. I am not sure how I feel about the hem of this gown. I am not sure if i wish it was ever so slightly shorter or longer. Either way it looks a tad awkward. I also never realized how similar Karlie and Taylor Swift look. I knew they were friends but they look so similar.

Nicole Kidman wearing Armani Prive

Yes to Nicole Kidman! I love this dress on her. I love it because it is not daring nor extreme. The silhouette is very minimalist and basic. But the fabric is so intricate and wealthy. Ohhh and look at those beautiful earrings. I am certainly not a jewelry expert but I do know those are stunning! This whole ensemble is sparkling and I love it. My one complaint though are those shoes.. They kind of look like slides from this angle. Hey, I am all about comfort but not to that extreme. I am sure the shoes are actually beautiful but they look weird at the moment. Maybe the hem should be longer than.

Scarlett Johansson wearing Azzedine Alaia

Ahhh the lovely Scarlett Johansson… It was just last year where I declared her one of the best dressed for wearing that green Versace fantasy. I love this gown. Some people said this was actually one of the worst dresses to walk this carpet. But I don’t see it that way. I love this print. I love her hair. I am not crazy about the belt. I wish it wasn’t so clunky and that it maybe matched the dress. Also I wish that their wasn’t as much fabric in the bodice. But there are more positives than negatives in this  so i think she rightfully deserves a place here! It looks good you pickle heads!

Kate McKinnon wearing Narciso Rodriguez

Yes! Kate McKinnon was here! I get so happy seeing her. Now I know there is nothing really special about this dress. But to me, she is glowing. The best accessory you can have on the red-carpet is a smile and Kate  has just that. Look at her! I would pay money to run up to her and just hug her. I was kind of hoping she was going to walk the carpet dressed like Kellyanne Conway but I guess I can’t get everything I want. All in all, she looks great and I am so happy for all of her success.

Guys, this red-carpet was seriously so good. We could probably go back and fourth on who deserves to be crowned the Best Dressed. So I am just going to take the burden off myself and just select my top three!  Don’t worry I will not let you down. The winners are….

Brie Larson, Emma Stone, and Taraji P. Henson were untouchable tonight. I don’t have a single negative note on any of these pieces. They all deserve awards for their performance on the red-carpet.  I think I am leaning toward Taraji but then Brie looked so good but Emma was actual gold as well. Congrats guys. Now I want to hear from you guys! Sound off in the comments and vote in our poll to vote for the winner of them all! Thank you all for reading and to all of those who followed along with me during my Twitter takeover at @Werrrkdotcom. This years Oscars were unforgettable and I can’t wait until our next show.

I would also like to take this moment to bring your attention to the purpose behind the blue ribbons some of our celebrities were sporting. The current administration is in the process of creating a nation where discrimination is an issue that can be looked over. We all must stand together and resist against those who try and silence our brothers and sisters. No matter the color of your skin, age, gender, sexuality, religion… we are all equal. Please take the time and visit the ACLU website and learn more about the fight to protect our civil liberties. As a great woman once said, we are stronger together.

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