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Anastasiya Kochetova


Anastasiya Kochetova: WERRK Illustrator and Designer

Anastasiya (who prefers to go by Ana) drifted ashore somewhere along the Seattle Piers in an orange crate in the late 1990s. No one was certain where the orange crate originated, or what a fully grown woman was doing in it. (There were no oranges to be found.) Uninterested in helping explain the mystery, Ana took off and made it her mission to cultivate and share art and good times alike every time she went.


Currently Ana is mild mannered technical support assistant by day, and an outrageously inappropriate bitch by night. We still aren’t sure how she finds the time to sleep, do art, or anything else of importance for that matter.


She does art instruction, comics, illustration, design, and freelance commissions as opportunities arise and revels in all of them. Being a huge fan of drag, in 2012 Ana illustrated the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race, gaining some notriety in the internet drag community. Since that point she and Chiffon have been partners in crime despite being on opposite sides of the country.


Follow her exploits over on Tumblr here!

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