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Crunk Panda

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Crunk Panda: Cosplay and Comics Writer

Comin’ straight out of Compton, crazy motherfu…wait, no, that’s not right. Hailing originally from Nashville TN, Panda is the furriest of all the social media darlings. Air Force Vet, PEZ Connoisseur, Boston Terrier Aficionado, and all things in between. Loud mouthed, quick wit…and with a heart of gold, Panda has a background in all things wrestling, hip hop, and pop culture as a whole. If you want to talk video games, his knowledge pretty much ceases after Streets of Rage 3.

You can probably run circles around him if you are an encyclopedia of comics knowledge, and if you try to go quote for quote, well…you will probably win. Panda understands more of the who, what, when, where, and why…as opposed to rote memorization of trivia. Active costumer (shuns the term cosplay), Panda is most known for his Ghostbusters uniform, followed closely by Hellboy, and, since he already looks the part…Dr. Venture.

Always looking to give back to the community, Panda is actively involved with many charitable causes through his costuming in the Kansas City area where he currently resides. Active online since the days of dialup BBS, Panda has seen trends come and go, and has managed to stay afloat through them all (and still wonders why John Cena insists on jorts). Crunk Panda as a brand has been alive and well for the better part of a decade and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Find him on the convention floor or at one of many haunts online, just, well, find him!

Check out and check him out on social media!


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