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Meagan Noelle

what is this gang sign wip lol

Meagan Noelle: Senior Fangirl Correspondent

Meagan Noelle, self-proclaimed number-one fangirl on our site, spends her free time stalking prominent figures in drag and attending to any and all associated debauchery. Running on a strict diet of cookies and alcohol, Meagan traverses the glittery underbelly of the drag world, searching for the next queen to steal her fangirling heart. As a  “serious” journalist, she thrives off of the visual aid of performance footage, and mercilessly biased testimonials to the splendor of whichever queen has currently captured her infatuation.

When she is not in stalking mode, Meagan is a student and mother, as well a badass video gamer who will be kicking butt alongside Chiffon in Saint Row games shortly.

Follow Meagan on Twitter here.



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