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Chiffon Dior

(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

The Continental Forecast is Sunny (Issue #6)

Haley Van Horn

One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Wigloose (S15 E12)

Spencer Williams

Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

Angelyne Week: Costuming the Hot Pink Billboard Queen

Sidney Stokes

Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land. Movie Review: Scream (Spoilers)

Kirsty Bright

Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

Drag Isn’t Dangerous: Top LGBTQ+ Organizations Team Up For Star-Studded Fundraiser

Crunk Panda

Half man, half amazing...all panda

Panda Reacts to ComicCon 2022 Trailers

Guest Contributor is always bring in fresh voices for new and exciting articles, like this one! Let us know what you think of these new contributors!

The Top Ten Filmic Christmas Moments in Disney Parks

Emily Meow

Our UK Editor from across the pond, Emily Meow is a UK based event manager, DJ and drag artist. She is co-founder of the Brighton based queer dance party Polyglamorous and is the Production Assistant at Eat Sleep Drag Repeat, a RPDR touring company. You can usually find her stage managing behind the scenes at a drag show making sure everything is in check!

Meow Mixx: Crystal launches “The Things That Made Me Queer”

C. Tepper

C. Tepper is an active member of NYC nightlife. She has worked for the YouTube series "Hey Qween" and currently co-hosts of the drag podcast "Wigging Out." She has co-written the book "The State Of Drag" where she interviewed one hundred and seventy five drag performers with diverse backgrounds from around the world, while noting the history and future of drag culture. "The State Of Drag" is now available on

RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Kerri Colby On Her New WOW Series “Kerri Kares”

Sister Indica

Sister Indica is many things: Senior Nunsense Correspondent for (where she is known for her Sister Indica Says column), sweet and sour host of the hit LGBT podcast JOY BOMB, writer/star of the audio soap opera Blazed All Our Lives, and supreme leader of Ello’s “Ello Drag” community…but above all that, she is Your Homegurl for Life™.

Blazed All Our Lives: A Deadly Christmas

Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields is indeed from the Deep South – Alabama, in fact – but don’t hold that against her. As one-half of the cabaret duo, Mack & Poppy, she spends most of her time sewing on rhinestones, rehearsing music, and ogling hot men on the streets of West Hollywood.

Star-Studded Cast brings Tom Eyen’s “Women Behind Bars” to Los Angeles

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a New York City-based, live-singing professional female impersonator with an immaculate style and a wardrobe to match that has earned her the moniker “Vintage Vixen”. You’ll find this Glam Award nominated songbird belting out American Songbook standards and Broadway tunes at one of the many amazing NYC bars and cabarets. lf she’s not on stage singing a ditty, chances are you can find Strawberry out and about, catching up with the hottest new queens and the biggest nightlife entertainers that the city that never sleeps has to offer as a part of her popular “Backstage Berry” interview series for’s video channel!

Backstage ‘Berry: Tom Mizer & Curtis Moore

Courtney Conquers

Courtney Conquers is a drag artist and archivist, writer, consultant, public speaker, and live show videographer. She is best known for her work as part of the queer media collective Drag Coven (she's the short one who films the videos). Courtney has a Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies from Carleton University in Canada and is an outspoken advocate for diversity and inclusion in drag and queer spaces. She also regularly promotes, coordinates, talent handles, and casts drag events throughout North America. When she’s not traveling for her own gigs, assisting other drag performers, holding a video camera, or writing about drag and queer fem issues, Courtney can usually be found knitting in obnoxious colours. 

Canada’s Drag Race S1:E10 (U Wear it well)

Paige Lauren

Paige Lauren is a Texas native who knew after 5 minutes on this earth she had to get out of there. She has been living in LA for 3 years and is happy to call it home. She began writing short stories at the ripe age of 8, was an editor on her high school newspaper and now writes short films and articles. Her dream is to write a hit TV show and to spend all her free time surrounded by drag queens.

Front Paige News: Werq the World

Anna Cash Davidson

Anna Cash Davidson is a London-based social media manager for GirlsIRate & Inperspective Records. Anna loves vintage fashion and runs @KajMoneyVintage on Depop, ASOS Marketplace and Instagram. Writing about her favourite topics- mostly drag!

Drag Race Holland S1: E8 (The Grand Finale)

Katya Kukureko

Katya resides in Moscow, Russia and is probably the most loveable fag hag and drag enthusiast in her country. She was raised by gays and taught how to be a real woman by drag queens. her way to one. She’s your typical girly girl, but can also easily beat you in a game of Counter Strike, fix a gadget or change a tire.

Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep 12)

Milan Cook

Milan Cook is a sporadic blogger, womynist, dev bootcamp student, star wars fanatic, and dog lover. You can find some of her other work here and here. When she’s not creating a cavity in the couch while binging Netflix she’s learning to code and talking to her dogs like humans. Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Topher Cusumano

Full-Time Writer. Part-Time Teen Witch. Follow along: @TophCus

An Ode To Uncle Arthur from ‘Bewitched’

Kevin Quigley

Kevin Quigley is a novelist, graphic designer, and podcaster living in Boston with his husband, Shawn. His first taste of themed entertainment was the Chuck E. Cheese’s in upstate New York he would drag his grandparents to every summer for his birthday. Since, he has immersed himself in environments as diverse as Disney parks, tiki bars, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show live, forever at the crux of kitsch, camp, and radical sincerity. He’s a fan of mid-century modern design, aloha shirts, and the homoerotic subtext of the music of Bruce Springsteen.

False Idylls: Escape!

Dana Angelo

Dana Angelo is a Los Angeles-based writer. By day she works as a copywriter at an ad agency and by night, as drag queen Kitty Meringue. She’s been previously published on Huffington Post, Reductress, Maxim, and others.

Get Dragged to Hell with Yvie Oddly in RuPaul’s Drag Race: Night of the Living Drag

Jim Silvestri

Jim Silvestri is the creator and editor of, i.e. "a peek through the glory hole" of NYC nightlife. He also does coat check to pay the bills.

Thot Stuff: Focus on Hocus Pocus (and Jack Tracy, and Podcasts)

Allison Danger

Allison is an Orlando-based professional wrestler, coach, and television producer who has traveled the world over the past twenty-two years. She is one of the pioneering women who pushed to change the landscape of female professional wrestling and helped to lay the groundwork for the “Women’s Revolution” that we all know and love today. Allison is currently in the development of a one-woman show, set to debut in the summer of 2022.

Dangerous Thoughts: Introducing Jai Vidal

Dévo Monique

Dévo Monique moved from Richmond, Virginia, to Brooklyn in 2017. Devo brings her extensive dance training to every performance and is a host with an irreverent sense of humor. Devo campaigns for inclusivity and sexual liberation through her expressive and challenging routines. The club kid in a pageant wig - she regularly performs at beloved venues like The Rosemont, Pieces, and Metropolitan.

Rify Royalty on the End of “Straight Acting”

Scott Stiffler

Scott Stiffler is a NYC-based freelance writer, editor, boxing enthusiast, and Golden Girls obsessive. He’s a contributor to the Los Angeles Blade, Chelsea News, the Washington Blade, amNewYork, and, happily,

Jackie Cox and Chelsea Piers Bring a Business Woman Special to the Beechman

Kaddie O' Keefe

Pinup and Cosplay Photographer, San Diego CA

Talking To Ourselves: Kaddie and Sidney at DragCon

Cherry Poppins

Being a millennial pop princess, Cherry loves to know the behind the scenes working of what’s behind the scenes. Follow her on social media to get the latest information on her shenanigans!

What’s Poppin’ with Cherry Poppins: VinChelle (Part Two)

Katelyn Baron

(she/her/they/them) Katelyn grew up as a theatre kid and has written many bios. How dare they be asked to write one more to go with this article. *faints* FADE TO BLACK *thunderous applause with optional standing ovation*

Six Ways From RuPaul’s DragCon Sunday