AHS: Sidney’s Check In Time – “Chutes & Ladders” & “Mommy”



Ok, I’m not unconvinced I didn’t just watch softcore snuff porn. Wanna talk a little AHS: Hotel ?

The Most Marvelous

It’s nice to see a fresh new take on evil for this show with Evan Peters. I truly hope he gets to be an outright villain as opposed to the sympathetic one. He’s off to an amazing start cause those flashbacks were horrifying in a “did I just see that on television” kinda way. Well done show. It’s like, what if Howard Hughes was a psychopathic murdering genius?

I’m so happy Finn Wittrock is back. Seeing his gorgeous jawline is a sight totally needed This season. He seems like he’s gonna be a perfect addition to this story. I hope he gets the kind of character he can play with. If we get another Dandy Mott, this season will be just fine.


Ok, You May Proceed

Lady Gaga remains strong. Her ability to walk into a room and own the screen is so campily captivating is honestly just a delight to see, the show seems to use her just the right amount. I hope she continues to build. Right now I still feel we’ve seen so little of her, but hopefully we get more in a way that produces a major moment for her.

Sarah Paulson gives this show her damn all and I hope, every year, that she gets back what she gives. Every year I’m wrong, but we really are lucky to have her every year.

It will also be interesting to see what happens now that Bomer’s been kicked to the curb? Does he leave with his mom? I mean why would he? Still, adds a new component to the mix this early one.


SO the family story with the kids isn’t great. Chloe Sevigny isn’t good either. It’s not interesting. Everyone feels like they’re phoning it in. I hope we get more but right now, things aren’t looking promising.

Chutes and Ladders, in summation.
“They’re worried about a cop finding them, but they’re doing it in the lobby and metaphysically torturing him. Elizabeth Taylor expects us to believe she eats chocolate. Even vamps love House of Cards. American Horror Story believes you should vaccinate your kids. Ryan Murphy dug on Hitchcock. Kids can roam around creepy hotels and not be seen. If we don’t get Bomer/Wittrock action by season’s end, we riot. Times are tough, The Countess can only afford Atari games for her kids in 2015. Gaga has always been Queen of Disco. The Countess doesn’t wanna watch House of Cards. Ryan Murphy has um…unique…sex things that go on in his mind. Be careful on meetup apps everyone…and have your kids vaccinated.”

Well that surely took this season, and show, to new bloody levels. Was it all just shock value or something fun and different?




Three weeks in and the layers are peeling back or is it unraveling?

The Most Marvelous

Y’all…Angela Bassett & Lady Gaga had a sex scene.

I never thought I would write that line ever…but I’m really glad I got to. Very interesting character to introduce, especially considering the two lived over a decade together and now they seem like they are to be pitted against each other, hopefully they don’t team up and ruin the point. This either gonna be some fun back and forth or it’s gonna be a trainwreck, only time will tell. Either way, we’ll always have this moment in this episode.

I really am loving Evan Peters. He seems so confident in this role that it’s coming across really solid in his performance. If he can be half as menacing as Dandy was, I’m totally in. His chemistry with the made is outstanding.

Ok, You May Proceed

Y’all know Finn Wittrock is my husband and I’m gonna give him another episode for the show to give him a character cause right now, it feels forced. He’s great, and yeah, I really didn’t mind that seduction scene with Cheyenne Jackson, but hopefully there’s some substance there.

Kathy Bates was much better this episode than she was in the first two. Loved that we got backstory but it all felt generically vague Mommy/Son issues. I feel considering the talent, the two deserved a bit more to give back in terms of backstory. That said they were great together.

Lady Gaga remains fantastic. She knows her role, she’s actually, for lack of a better cliché, killing it. I’m wondering however about her story. Madoff seems like season 2 of American Crime Story. Plus, if he took the hotel, how’d she get it back to sell? We’ll see how this wedding thing works out, cause right now, it might not work the way they think.

Sarah Paulson, ok, we’re close with you. You’re solid, but you normally don’t stay there. I hope we get some more outta here than “Stuck in limbo smoking cigarettes with bad hair.” We truly deserve it.


We have to address the wet rag in the show, it’s starting to mildew. Chloe Sevigny is terrible on this show. Just awful. Her chemistry with Wes Bentley is even worse. I’m not at all interested in his story, but he’s at least trying. I was honestly hoping that she’d die at the end.

Oh, did I mention that nothing Wes Bentley’s story is so uninteresting when he’s not doing stuff at the hotel? Yeah, It’s not dull and with 9 episodes left, he’s gonna wear real damn thin, real damn quick.

Mommy, in summation

“Google’ing someone really does sound obscene. We aren’t sure just why Naomi Campbell’s character stuck around after the fashion show, either. Alex is a really awful mother. Barack Obama is on computers at gossip newspaper offices in Los Angeles, so is this where Perez Hilton announces they’re doing politics now? We want more of this Finn Wittrock Cheyenne Jackson situation. Ryan Murphy has mommy issues. ‘I feel the same way with you as I did when I kissed my first man’ was clearly a line contributed by Gaga. Alex is a doctor who gives sleeping pills to people before sleeping with them. ANGELA BASSETT AND LADY GAGA HAD A SEX SCENE! Elizabeth Taylor is kinda perfect and I hope she does a cross over with Scream Queens. We need more passive agreesssive back and forth with Sally and Iris.”

Is the show peeling back layers or unraveling? I dunno….you tell me.

Next week is the Halloween episodes and if we get nothing else, we’ll have that one.

Keep geek.


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