AHS: Sidney’s Check-In Time ~ “Devil’s Night”

The Happy Halloween Episode of American Horror Story has arrived and gave us a lot….like….a lot a lot.

The Most Marvelous

Let me start by, calmly, saying SOMEONE GIVE LILY RABE ALL OF THE EMMYS RIGHT THIS FUCKING INSTANT! Wow. When I heard she was coming back I had no idea how they were gonna use her, since Asylum just screwed her when she gave them everything, but her return tonight was perfect. Considering that figure has already been done so perfectly already on film, having someone not named Charlize Theron, do this role was a risk. Lily Rabe didn’t just deliver, she gave new life and a new spin to this role that was so perfectly executed, it’s one of the best things AHS has ever done. I hope this isn’t one off, we need to truly explore more of this role with her.

The Dinner Scene belongs here, not because it furthered the plot along or explained anything, but because it was so bizarre and yet I was unable to take my eyes off of it. I am loving this character that Evan Peters is giving, it’s like if Howard Hughes is doing his Katharine Hepburn impression, but with a psychopathic mastermind. I hope the show doesn’t explain this scene, it’s kind of a wonderful stand alone moment that only helped explain some of the characters, but as a result of it’s uniqueness, got to explore.


The music on this show is really working the late 70s/early 80s horror tones. It is making this season stand out in a way that gives it an authentic horror vibe in a way that no other season has nailed with the music.

Ok, You May Proceed

Lady Gaga is giving us more range and it’s wonderful. What I’m a tad worried about is that the character is starting to repeat. I’m hoping Angela Bassett’s character takes The Countess into phase II of her story this season.

So glad we are getting more Denis O’hare, that’s true of any situation though. I am looking forward to seeing Elizabeth Taylor’s backstory and I hope it’s fulfilling.


The Maid, um…ok…is that all we get? Well, I hope there’s more otherwise, why bother.

“Tonight I surrender to the Illusion” was uttered. It was uttered poorly because it was written less than poorly….and acted worse. Seriously Wes Bentley is better than this trope of a cop. His wife…ugh, come on Chloe…are you seriously trying to convince us that this is you not phoning it in? Sure, Jan.

Devil’s Night, in summation.

“Miss Evers wants to lez out with Molly Wilkins. Miss Evers can pour her own sherry, she just chooses to have someone else do it, I get it. Her son goes missing and Alex doesn’t feel the need to call the cops the minute she found her son in a creepy hotel? Alex remains the worst. YAASSSS GAGA ON THE BEACH!!! John is a lightweight bitch. ‘HOLY SHIT THAT’S LILY RABE!’ we all seemed to, and did, say. When asked, ‘who would you like to have dinner with, alive or dead?’ if this dinner scene is their answer, you need to run, bitch. YEAH GAGA END ALEX! ….oh man not that way.”

A successful four, now we wait and see what next week brings and if it can stay consistent, and if so, for how long?

Keep geek.


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