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Post Layouts

List Post

[list_posts style=”list-post” limit=”1″ post_date=”yes” display=”excerpt” image_w=”1160″ image_h=”600″]

Overlay Grid4

[list_posts style=”grid4 overlay” limit=”8″ post_date=”yes” image_w=”290″ image_h=”290″]

Polaroid Grid3

[list_posts style=”grid3 polaroid” limit=”3″ post_date=”yes” image_w=”365″ image_h=”250″]

Grid2 Grayscale

[list_posts style=”grid2 filter-grayscale filter-hover-none” limit=”2″ post_date=”yes” image_w=”560″ image_h=”380″]

Masonry Grid4 Grayscale

[list_posts style=”grid4 masonry filter-grayscale filter-hover-none” limit=”8″ post_date=”yes” image_w=”265″ image_h=”0″]

Grid4 No-Gutter Overlay Sepia

[list_posts style=”grid4 no-gutter overlay filter-sepia filter-hover-none” limit=”8″ post_date=”yes” image_w=”290″ image_h=”290″]

Masonry Grid3 Grayscale Overlay No-gutter

[list_posts style=”grid3 masonry overlay no-gutter filter-grayscale filter-hover-none” limit=”10″ post_date=”yes” image_w=”430″ image_h=”0″]

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