The Freak Show Revue – Edward Mordrake, Pt. 1


American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Edward Mordrake, Pt. 1

Welcome to the Halloween episode of this season of American Horror Story and welcome to a bunch of new characters and specifically the actors who play them.

I’m gonna give three examples here, but the acting across the bar was outta control good this episode, this might be one of the best AHS casts I just really hope.

Welcome to the season Denis O’ Hare, you’re always welcome sight and this show. I’m very much a fan of what Denis O’ Hare is doing with his character even though it’s really early to see how the treat him.Kathy Bates was easily my favorite thing in this episode. I kinda just expected her to collect a paycheck but hot damn, if she keeps this up…she’s getting another AHS Emmy. Lastly, Dandy Mott might be one of the best AHS characters if they can keep moving him forward the way the way Finn Wittrock is doing with his performance.

The first crack in the show has occurred. Ethel hates Dell and then asks him to guide their son that she just said she wants him to stay away from and never reveal he’s his father. Ok…even her drinking doesn’t justify that. Also, I think they might be starting to move too fast with Dot and Bette, specifically Dot. She was super supportive when she felt that people weren’t properly mourning Meep, and how it was affecting Jimmy, but then she turns around to have a massive stage ego? It would appear that either they are moving to fast which is making them lose character focus, obviously not the actress since Paulson is on fire this season, but it is starting to feel like they aren’t making sense of which head is which.

In summation, Edward Mordrake, Pt. 1, has told us:

“Emma Roberts….what’s that wig, boo? Maybe they could have casted a mother NOT the same age has her son trick ‘r’ treating. Ryan Murphy has seen the film Halloween. Ok, the face smiling on a swinging Mordrake…is the creepiest thing you never expected you’d see. Y’all….Pattie Labelle is still with us on this ride and we’re better for it. Emma Roberts has an amazing drag queen beating her face. Dell & Ethel by the lake might have been a messy scropt moment, but dammit was it ever pretty. Ryan Murphy, we get it…you’ve seen Halloween. Miss O’Hare if you’re nasty. Dot is a sassy bitch and we love it. Jessica Lange singing Lana Del Rey is everything you didn’t know you needed…even though she sang about Jim Morrison in 1952. Wes Bentley is a freak….he has not aged since American Beauty.

So we had a crack in the season but if it doesn’t get any bigger, the acting will be enough to overlook it.

Keep geek.


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