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Austin International Drag Festival Headliner Announcement: Alexander the Great has proudly partnered up with the Austin International Drag Festival this year and we have been given the privilege of announcing this year’s headliners first! We are so excited about being a part of this amazing event this year and we cannot wait to bring you all the fabulous drag artists that are going to be headlining this year!

Our next headliner is an Austin native! We are very excited to announce that Alexander the Great will be headlining the Austin International Drag Festival this year! (Get your tickets here and join us in Austin this fall!)

Congratulations on being named a headliner Alexander! How did you get involved with the Austin International Drag Festival and what does this opportunity mean to you?

Thank you so much for the kind words! I have been performing the Austin International Drag Festival since it’s second year. I had only been performing drag a few months and had the opportunity to perform in the king showcase at the old red eyed fly on red river! That night changed my life forever, and I’ve been hooked on festivals, performing, drag and all that jazz ever since. I’ve been hoping to headline Austin International Drag Festival because it is special to me; it was my first festival appearance and is a place where I’ve made lifelong friends from around the world. The festival is incredible to experience! Don’t miss out, folx!

For those people living under a rock, can you tell us a little bit about Alexander the Great and your drag?

My stage persona, Alexander the Great, is a pretty well rounded character. I began performing drag in December 2015, after I had already been performing burlesque and aerial acrobatics professionally for three years. At any point on stage, you could see me tap dancing, performing acrobatics, pole dancing, performing in my aerial chains, live singing, performing drag, cosplay illusion, aerial hoop and so much more. Drag is an important part of who I am because drag gave me the freedom to explore my identity and persona without fear or judgement. I am better known for my award-winning Boylesque and Burlesque acts, but I still love performing drag, and enjoy playing with gender and masculinity on stage. I feel I am more of an entertainer than anything else; sometimes drag king, sometimes an aerialist, sometimes a burlesque dancer, sometimes a singer… all of it makes up who I am as a person and performer, and I’m honored I can share my art with the Austin International Drag Festival.

We can’t wait to see what you’re planning on bringing to the stage in Austin! Can you give the WERRRK .com universe a little tease of what’s to come this fall in Texas?

I have several ideas in store for what I am going to bring this year for Austin International Drag Festival! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I can say you WILL see me flying high, performing aerial acrobatics at some point during the weekend! I’ll see you all at King Fest and throughout the festival!

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