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Faith Michaels

Faith Michaels lives in beautiful Key West, Florida ​ and currently a part of the talented cast at Aqua Nightclub's popular ​d​rag ​s​ho​w​. Faith has been ​involved in the art of female impersonation for ​seventeen ​ years. ​Whether she is creating the illusion of legendary artists like Reba, Celine and ​Lady ​Gaga, making the crowds howl in laughter with her comedic pieces or dazzling them with her ever-growing array of fabulous showgirl costumes, Faith always gives the people their money's worth!

  • Drag Queens
    NS4W 2014 Drag Queen Song of the Year

    When Chiffon approached me about selecting the nominees for the best song by a drag queen in 2014, I was thrilled....

    Faith MichaelsDecember 16, 2014

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