Drag King

The Ultimate Maxxx Pleasure

July 12, 2019 Guest Contributor

I’ve had the pleasure (pun intended) of seeing Maxxx Pleasure perform numerous times all throughout Brooklyn. A creatively captivating drag king, every time I’ve seen Maxxx perform I’ve noticed that he has the rare ability […]


Mourning Mass With Martyr

January 8, 2019 Guest Contributor

Interviewed by C. Tepper One of the best parts of living in New York City is the amount of drag available at your fingertips any night of the week. Great for audiences, but it makes […]

Drag Queens

We Have a CODE RED This Sunday!

December 1, 2017 Guest Contributor

  When you hear the phrase “code red,” what do you think of? A majority of people you ask will say “emergency” or “danger,” but if you are any way familiar with Philadelphia nightlife, you […]

News & Politics

High Heels and Hijabs

January 30, 2017 Guest Contributor

I wore red spike heels and she wore an ivory hijab. Her coffee brown skirt swept the ground while my fur-trimmed denim jacket fluttered behind me. She was a Muslim woman named Nadea who happened […]