Sidney’s Game Guide: The Iron Throne

May 21, 2019 Sidney Stokes

And here we are….a place we have always known we would get to…the end.  I’ve written the start of this multiple times and I think we just jump right in to it. KING’S LANDING We […]


Sidney’s Game Guide: Winterfell

April 15, 2019 Sidney Stokes

Winter might have finally arrived in Game of Thrones but OUR long winter is over….our show is back….and that means SO is the Game Guide for the LAST season of Game of Thrones. Ugh…that was […]

Drag Queens

Pump the Brakes Racers!

February 4, 2019 Sidney Stokes

Pump the breaks! Okay racers, chasers, and stans. We need to talk. You too casual fan that really only shows up mid way through to meet up with friends and doesn’t have a person they’re […]


A Journey to Change

January 30, 2019 Sidney Stokes

“THE STREETS WILL FLOW WITH YOUR AIDS BLOOD!” A “good” “Christian” yelled that at me at LA Pride in 2016. LA Pride that day kicked off eight hours removed from the Pulse nightclub shooting. Words […]

Beyond the Face Interview

Beyond the Face: Roxy Wood

November 19, 2018 Sidney Stokes

SS: Tell me three things that people, right off the bat, should know about you. RW: I am trans. I am an actress. Drag is my day and night job. She acts too….but the drag […]