Drag Queens

The WERRRK.com Interview: Cissy Walken

August 23, 2019 Chiffon Dior 0

Hi there Cissy and congratulations on being crowned the brand new Miss Stonewall! I’m excited to sit down and talk with you tonight. How are you doing this fine summer evening? I am doing great! […]

Drag Queens

Nicole Onoscopi’s Iconic 2018

January 2, 2019 Chiffon Dior 0

Well look who is back, presumably by popular demand. Happy Holidays Nicole Onoscopi! How are the wilds of Oregon treating you? Hello hello! Happiest of holidays to you too!! It’s been wonderful so far! Great […]

Drag Queens


June 20, 2018 Emily Meow 0

On May 30th, just before Brighton’s 2018 Fringe Festival drew to a close, the Spiegeltent was blessed with it’s first ever pageant, the “BRIGHTON BIG DRAG PAGEANT”. The sold out show was hosted by local […]