Front Paige News: Samantha Hale

January 22, 2019 Paige Lauren

Sitting down with one of my idols: stand up comic, honorary drag queen and resident badass, Samantha Hale, I had so much I wanted to ask; namely “how can I be you?” But my instincts […]


Backstage ‘Berry: Shawn Pelofsky

September 5, 2018 Chiffon Dior

Strawberry Fields talks with Los Angeles comic Shawn Pelofsky following an amazing show at the Broadway Comedy Club. Be sure to get Shawn’s amazing new comedy special, Stretch It Out available now on Amazon, iTunes and […]

No Picture

Sidney vs The Week 9/25/15

September 25, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Dear Week….you’re a mess. Here’s exactly why…. Viola Davis Nails Emmy Speech – No joke….just watch it. Start Up CEO Raises Price on AIDS Meds to $750 A Pill – Ya know when you tell […]


Sidney vs The Week 9/18/15

September 18, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Week…you look filthy. American Airlines Sends Plane to Hawaii by Mistake – Yes. That’s where we are as a society…people complaining about accidentally going to Hawaii. Ariana Grande Did This ^ – I could honestly […]


Sidney vs The Week 9/11/15

September 11, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Week….what’s up with your hair? Kim Davis Released from Prison to Huckabee Led Celebration – So a presidential candidate is celebrating a woman breaking the laws of the nation he wishes to lead….got it. Stephen […]


The Year of Natasha Leggero

August 23, 2015 Chiffon Dior

  So it turns out this is Natasha Leggero’s world and we’re all just living in it right now. While the comic/actress has been around for several years, we might just look back at 2015 […]