Drag Queens

Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep3)

March 19, 2015 Katya Kukureko

Team Max looked like they were just glad to be safe so you’d think the episode would have a slow start. But oh wait, didn’t Trixie just say that she and Max went so school […]

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What The Walking Dead: Spend

March 17, 2015 Spencer Williams

Hello fans! I know you are all just dying to talk about The Walking Dead…and I mean that literally…everyone is DYING! Lets get into this bloody episode! So Glenn, Tara, Noah aka Chris Rock, and […]

Drag Queens

Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep2)

March 14, 2015 Katya Kukureko

In this (again, very belated) recap: Pearl who really cares, the fake-nice Ginger Minj and a PSA from Sasha.   The safe girls go backstage: Jasmine obviously mistakes being “safe” with winning the whole show, […]

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Sidney vs The Week 3/13/15

March 13, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Well hello Week…think you stopped me? Oh no…oh no…I’m back. What ya got for me? This Photo ^ – Michelle Obama’s eyes say it all. Racist Video of Oklahoma University Students Surfaces; Students Say They […]

Popular Culture

What The Walking Dead: Forget

March 9, 2015 Spencer Williams

  Welcome back fans! After tonight, we only have three more episodes left of the season! Which means things are about to pop off… which of course means tonight has to be boring… But was […]