Celebrate the 4th of July with a “Gold Grill BBQ”!

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So as you’re celebrating America’s birthday by stuffing your face with hot dogs and potato salad, you really should take a moment to take part in that other great American tradition, consumerism! Might I suggest heading here over to iTunes and downloading “Gold Grill BBQ” by Krysta Youngs featuring Melanie Fontana and our friend Laganja Estranja! Still not convinced? Maybe you need to hear a little bit more about the song from the people involved? Done!

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“Gold Grill BBQ was birthed out of my love for the movie FRIDAY.  I wanted to create a modern day, ratchet chic sing along song that people can party to!”  – Krysta Youngs 

For those of you living under a rock, Krysta is referring to the amazing movie with Chris Tucker, not the crappy song by Rebecca Black.

Still not convinced? Let’s see what Melanie has to say then, shall we?

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“Gold Grill BBQ was the sparkling brainchild of Krysta Youngs, and seeing as we both have a love for all things colorfully vivid, I was more than happy to drip some of my golden thoughts into this co-write. I’m thrilled to see the fruition of this idea!” – Melanie Fontana

Still not good enough for you? Come on, it’s less than a buck! Don’t be cheap! Okay fine! Let’s talk to Laganja then.


“I’m proud to be the cherry on top of #ggbbq! I love grabbin’ that meat like a carnivore. And gold, well that’s just timeless!” – Laganja Estranja

Admit it, you’re convinced now right? Still no? Fine, what if I showed you a teaser of the official video? Yeah, I thought so! So enjoy your hot dogs, enjoy your potato salad and enjoy the video! Happy Independence Day America!


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