CoCo De’Ball Is Throwing a Party!

Photo by Steve Franco

Question: Hi there CoCo! Its good to talk to you again (Check out our first interview here!). How are you doing gurl?

CoCo De’Ball: Well other than trying to take over the world (Pinky and the Brain Style) I am doing Fabulous Darling!

Question: So you recently started up your own video series, “CoCo’s Party” and to my shock, its neither softcore porn nor a series of snuff films. Are you getting soft on us?

CD: Well Chiffon you can find my softcore porn on xtube and my snuff films for a very “All about Evil” Price. But to answer your question, No this series is in my mind is the adult version of Blues Clues and Peewees Playhouse on a Budget. Or On Crack

Question: It was the 80’s so I’m pretty sure Pee Wee’s Playhouse was both on a budget and on crack but I get your gist. So how did this idea come about for you?

CD: Well Chiffon I may or may not be a little Kooky in the brain and just love being an absolute bubble gum fairy in my spare time. Putting all of that together into a talk show just lit up a spark of inspiration under my fanny!


Question: So how do you get guests for your show? I assume you lure them into a van with candy…..or maybe poppers?

CD: You kinda hit the nail on the head. I give them one of those “Cosby” Puddin’ Pops and its all downhill from there.

Question: Well, not for good twenty or thirty years until the media catches up to you based on that example. You’ve already had Fifi DuBois and Ari Kiki on. Can you give us any hints on who will be coming up on CoCo’s Party, assuming Homeland Security doesn’t have you shut down?

CD: I have a few people lined up from Logan Hardcore or Slaughter what her last name is to Some drag queen obsessed supergirl Courtney Conquers. But I’m always looking for new and inspirational guests!!!!

Question: Oh god…You have no idea what you’re in for with Courtney. She can talk to a wrong number for two hours!

CD: I also hear she is crafty….I have some projects that need done!

Question: She’s also available for weddings and Bar Mitvahs. We can discuss rates later. But I am excited and a little worried to announce that in addition to your YouTube (Subscibe to CoCo here. You probably won’t get put on any Government watch lists. Probably.), “CoCo’s Party” will soon be available right here on this very site! I hope I’m eligible for tax subsidies or something for this….I mean, welcome to the family!

Photo by Steve Franco
Photo by Steve Franco

CD: Yes I am so excited to be coming into the whatever name this site is now Family (*Editor’s note! Sigh)! I think it will be a fun new way to showcase drag and kookiness all in one!!!! “CoCo’s Party” will be out with a new episode every week and you can always watch my YouTube Page for other little mini series that I am also working on on the side! I’m just excited to be able to have some fun with a different side of the social media world!

Question: In all seriousness, I’m thrilled to have you on board! I think you’re incredibly talented and I’m excited to hopefully expose your show to an additional audience! Is there anything you want to promote before we pop open a bottle of champagne or seven to celebrate this unholy alliance?

CD: Well I am also at Boots And Saddle Drag Lounge every Sunday from 6-8 and hopefully soon we will be showing Extended never before seen clips of CoCo’s Party Live at Boots throughout my show!!!!!!!

Photo by Steve Franco
Photo by Steve Franco


Editor’s note: We’re very excited to present our first episode of “CoCo’s Party” as CoCo welcomes one of NYC’s biggest queens, Logan Hardcore, to her humble abode! No drag queens were harmed in the making of this video. We think.

Be sure to join us next Wednesday for another edition of “CoCo’s Party” as CoCo welcomes the legendary Tommi Rose in from Palm Spring for part one of a two part interview!  Welcome to WERRRK CoCo!

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