Colleen DeForrest and Emma Sis: Top of the (Drag) Class


I owe an apology to these two ladies. This interview was supposed to be out weeks ago as follow up to my interview with Sabel Scities to help promote the Second Semester of Drag Class. Unfortunately I ran into some technical issues with Sabel’s interview and things unraveled from there. Tonight the winners of the Second Semester will ascend to the head of the class and I will be interviewing them soon. In the mean time, please enjoy this interview with two of Austin’s best drag queens, Emma Sis and Colleen DeForrest!


Chiffon: I’m very excited to be talking to the winning duo from Rain on 4th’s First Semester of Drag Class, Colleen DeForrest and Emma Sis. Nice to talk with you both ladies. So which one of you was the teacher and which was the student?

Colleen DeForrest: As a student, I was lucky enough to be paired with such a fabulous mentor.

Emma Sis: I was the mentor and Colleen was my mentee

Colleen DeForrest: As a student, I was lucky enough to be paired with such a fabulous mentor.

I’ve been called a manatee before too…oh you said mentee! That makes more sense! How did you both get involved in the first semester?

ES: Basically I saw a flyer posted on FB and immediately messaged Sable Scities because every new queen deserves to have one on one time with someone more experienced just so they can have an advantage over the competitive new queens in Austin. Plus I love being the boss bitch! *laughs*

CD: Well if the shoe fits! Haha Well I was on facebook one day and saw a post from Sabel Scities on my feed about an opportunity Rain on 4th and herself were going to be doing to kind of help the new queens in the city get a chance to show what they can do. So I jumped at that opportunity.

Colleen, did you have any drag experience before that?

CD: No not really! I mean I had started going out in drag just for fun for about seven months prior to Drag Class. I wanted to create a character and have fun with it so I created Senator Colleen DeForrest. Wife, mother, politician, actress and president of the PTA who loves her pills *Laughs* But I wanted to show more of what I could do, after all I have a theatrical background so Drag Class was a great start to present what I had to offer, and put it out there.

Is that the state Senate or the US Senate?

CD: State of course. She’s humble. *Laughs*


Of course! So you got paired together at random right? Were you an effective pairing right from the start?

ES: We had actually talked about doing some work together about two weeks prior and then randomly got paired together and it worked out. She listened but wasn’t submissive and I have a pretty abrasive personality so that’s what I liked. I’m just an overbearing mom at this point

CD: Yes! We drew numbers out of a bucket and there it was! The beginning of a Fabulous Duo by the team name of EmmaLeen. But we worked well together and without I wouldn’t have the confidence I have now to do what I do when I’m on stage.

Like any good drag mom should be! How did you get your start in drag Emma?

ES: I was lucky enough to grow up performing. I went to a performing arts mid/high school in New Mexico for singing, dancing, and acting. I retired from dance after high school went to college for a year and said fuck it. I moved to Austin in 2013 to fall in love and do drag because I wanted to be my own boss, you know do my own shit. So I met my almost husband and picked up drag on my 21st birthday and just turned it out. Now I’m a full time queen/seamstress.


What challenges were the best for you and which one proved to be the most difficult for Team EmmaLeen?

ES: Colleen had such a strong character before drag class even started so I knew we just needed to expand on that but what was most difficult was making her wear hip pads

Oh I would have been RIGHT there with you yelling at her over that!

CD: Darling if you saw my ass….. that’s enough ass and thigh. *Laughs* But honestly I felt it was smooth sailing!

ES: I mean it was the same shit every new queen goes through I was a hot mess when I started compared to Colleen. I was basically a gremlin whereas she would be like Angelina jolie.

I don’t mean challenging between you two, I mean difficult to execute though.

CD: Well there was this one hair challenge I had to do…. and well….. being new I HAD NEVER STYLED A WIG before. While the other girls had fabulous bobs and all…. my wig had horns. *Laughs*

ES: I was into it!

CD: Although there was a vodka tasting challenge….AND I WON!

Now that is a challenge after my own heart!

CD: Right?! Same! Didn’t get one wrong. Go figure. She likes the drink.

You must have been such a proud momma that night Emma!

ES: Honestly I said take this one they gave us a choice between the two of us and I said go girl. Colleen is my favorite drunk. Besides who doesnt love getting their kids super wasted? I’m a cool mom.

CD: I second that!

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that to my drag kids……I could pay their 4 year tuition to RuPaul’s Drag U!

ES: I mean cool moms are the best moms. I mean I literally have a mimosa right now.

Well you must have done something right since you won the competition! What was that like for you both?

ES: This was the first multi week competition I had ever done. I had done like one night sort of gigs but to go at it for ten weeks was insane so to come out on top just solidified that this is what I should be doing. This is the career I want.

CD: Oh darling. And much as I was Happy! And Thrilled. I was more relieved. We worked so hard. Put so much time and energy, that literally right before the show I was getting the worst anxiety. And had no pills. Lol. But I was almost at a loss for words. We set our minds to what we wanted. Worked. Did it. And achieved our goal. We won. And now having that opportunity it has opened so many doors for me. I have a show at Highland Lounge every Friday at 11 hosted by the Fabulous Rachel Mykels and have been asked to do a few upcoming things for SXSW so I’m very excited.


So let’s get to the salacious parts. Just HOW mean was Sabel Scities? I’ve heard stories.

CD: She’s a bitch.

ES: Bahahahaha! Oh my god, stop!

CD: Honestly she’s amazing. I mean she is stern when she needs to be, but that’s because she’s doing her job. She’s an absolute sweetheart and I admire very much for everything she does and has done.

ES: So here’s the thing about Sable. We had no idea who she was when she moved here. All I could see was that she was that bitch who performed for the Kardashians. But she dominated this town. She got her shit where it needed to be and honestly is one of the best hosts/performers I have ever seen. She is really a wonderful person plus she got really jealous of my outfit last night and I’ll take that to my grave.

Yeah…I guess she’s alright. (Love you Sabel!) So what advice would have for all the student currently enrolled in the second semester of Drag Class?

ES: Don’t fucking PROCRASTINATE! Drag Class is on Tuesdays so you need your idea for the next weeks challenge solidified before you even leave the bar that night so you can not stress out over trying to beat my boyfriend and his mentee! *Laughs*

CD: Have fun! Don’t stress out too much because I definitely did. Like Emma said DON’T PROCRASTINATE and when you hit that stage. It’s you’re time to shine. Live for yourself in that moment and make the judges your bitch.

ES: But really though, they need to be prepared every week and not stress. Stress will ruin the whole thing because at the end of the day this is a friendly competition.


Now comes the fun part of the interview….where we shamelessly promote things! Gigs! Social media! Christian Mingle accounts! Plug away ladies!

ES: Oh my goodness welp I’m on instagram/twitter as @queenemmasis. I’m a cast member at Austin’s #1 drag bar (we won awards or something) Oilcan Harry’s there are shows Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday and I’m generally always there ALSO I host a drag brunch a Gourdough’s on 5th here in downtown Austin. Starts at noon! I do Marathon drag with our 1st runner up team mentor Mandy Quinn. Also Find me on FB as Emma Sis because I do make costumes full time and TRUST ME they are sickening!

CD: Well like I mentioned earlier, I am a weekly cast member at Highland Lounge here in Austin,Texas. I work with some amazing girls. Every week we do two numbers each. I love to do choreographed group numbers so if anyone is ever in Austin that is the show to be at on Fridays. 11 to 12. Coming up March 15th for SXSW TheGlitoris, DJ and creator of Tuezgayz here in Austin has in invited me to be apart of his show that night. The venue is Barbarellas in Austin, TX. You can catch me there. I have been asked to work and collaborate with YouTuber Tay Allyn on a possible song, we’ve already met to talk about music I’m very excited. You can also follow me on Instagram Colleen_DeForrest, Add me on Facebook under my boy name Gil Alaniz. I also just started a YouTube channel where you can see a few of my numbers. The Channel is Colleen DeForrest. There will definitely be more videos soon.

Thank you both so much for your time ladies and best of luck with both of your drag careers going forward. Do you have any words of wisdom for our readers before we call it a day?

CD: Absolutely! Buy me a drink. But really, thank you for your time. To everyone out there have fun. And love everyone! Chiffon, thank you darling.

ES: Girls, put your heart and soul into what you do. Don’t coast by other peoples standards. Be the best you that you can be! Thanks again Chiffon!


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