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C. Tepper

Tepper is no tramp, but no lady, talkin’ that street talk… she’s a native New Yorker. Following the clacking of the heels of drag queens, kings, and beyond, C. Tepper has been invested in the NYC nightlife scene and drag from around the world and has a passion for telling the stories of performers’ lives of all backgrounds. Tepper has worked on the New York-based celebrity interview show Profiles and Youtube series Hey Qween where she learned the art of the interview and how to treat subjects with respect and dignity while getting them to kiki and spill all the tea. 

In 2018, she co-wrote the book The State of Drag which interviewed 175 drag performers and their experiences from all over the United States and across the globe. And in 2019 started the podcast Wigging Out with co-host Martyr, whom she had interviewed previously for Werrrk.

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