What If Drag Race Took Place in the 90’s? (Part 7)


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Welcome back to the 90’s! Who else saw Jurassic Park this weekend? It was great when the dinosaur ate Newman! Okay, now that the mood has been set, let’s see who else is joining in on the fun, shall we?


Why it’s Miss Understood! The larger than life, super colorful Long Island native has been an iconic figure on the NYC drag scene since the early 90’s. The Pyramid Club and Wigstock star has appeared in numerous television shows and films and in the early 90’s was about to start Screaming Queens Entertainment, which to this day provides drag queen and showgirls for some of the biggest parties around the world. There is no question the producers of our show would have snatched her up for Drag Race ’90!

Let’s see who else is going to be a part of the cast!

Coco Peru 2_clipped_rev_1

Well hello there Coco Peru! Probably best known for her performance in the film “Girls Will Be Girls”, the star of numerous one-woman shows as several television and film appearances would have been a no-brainer for the producers of our show. With her trademark flip hair style, her incredible wit and her strong theatre background, Coco would definitely be a tough competitor in this show.

Stay tuned for the announcement of more cast members, coming this week!

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