What If Drag Race Took Place in the 90’s? Week One Voting!!!


The time has come…….to vote for your 90’s Drag Race favorites! Each week the bottom two queens will hypothetically “lip synch for their lives” with the loser of the lip synch vote being eliminated. This will continue until we have one queen left and we crown a WINNER! Along the way, you might even have a chance win a fabulous prize! Thanks to everyone for taking part in this series, please spread the word and have fun voting! Here is a primer on all the gurls to help you make your decisions!


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  1. Lypsinka, Kevin Aviance, Joan Jett Blakk, Ethyl Eichenberger – just thinking of major queens of that decade (and beyond, of course). Missing somebody.

    And for posterior-ity, we need a Mothers of Drag version: Marsha P Johnson, Sylvia Rivera (who was trans, but used to say she was a drag queen back in the heyyyyday), Divine, Sylvester, The Cockettes … the list am long.

    Every queen above deserves a golden throne. Crack all your want, chil’ren, they the shit. It’s all for fun, but why would anyone ever vote DOWN on a list of Legends?

  2. This competition would of taken place prior to the release of Supermodel of the World. Ru wouldn’t of gotten too far into the competition. Frank Marino would of won the snatch game, Jimmy James would of been eliminated early on since he only had one real look. Sherry Vine would of not lasted either since she was just starting in NY and at that time she was a bit of a mess. (Back then I would of never thought she would of became the star she is today, i’m proud of her). Lipsynka would of been top 3 along with Frank Marino.

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