DragCon NYC 2017 Coverage: Part One



It was the biggest drag event to hit the Big Apple since…..well, ever and DragCon NYC 2017 didn’t disappoint as an estimated 35,000 people packed into the Javitts Center in New York City this past weekend! Despite the long lines, a rash of sore feet and the peril of being misidentified in pictures by the bigger media groups (cough attendee cough), everyone seemed to have an amazing time and the good people at DragCon announced that they will return in 2018!

For the fourth straight DragCon, our team was in attendance, seeking out the best interviews we could muster for the WERRRK.com Universe! In addition to myself, I was joined by our fabulous on screen talent, Strawberry Fields, Gilda Wabbit and Gina Tonic who all did an AMAZING job! Please keep in mind the area near the stage was extremely loud so the closer we were to there, the lower the quality of the audio. We upgraded our equipment this year and did our best to clean up the sound but it’s still far from ideal in some videos. That disclaimer aside, please enjoy the first set of videos featuring Jade Jolie, Bobbie Pinz, Ongina, Jackie Cox, Ritzy Bitz and Ms. Candy Blog from DragCon NYC 2017! There will be even more content to come this week and if you haven’t already, please head to our Facebook page and check out our gallery of pictures from the event, courtesy of Jenn Witek Photography!

The WERRRK.com DragCon NYC 2017 Team: Gilda Wabbit, Strawberry Fields and Gina Tonic!












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