Dragula: Cabin In The Woods

Welcome back, uglies. Are you ready to meet a handsome stranger in the dark, only to suddenly feel his hands around your neck, choking the life out of you as you stare into his eyes gasping for air? No, this isn’t your Friday night fantasy. This is what the contestants had to go through this week in the middle of the woods. Saddle up, ghouls.

The Good

Even though The Boulet Brothers are looking for the world’s next supermonster, for this episode they challenged the girls to flaunt their feminine side in a Scream Queens competition. They were tasked with styling an ensemble tying in to a beautiful lace-front from Arda Wigs and then acting out a death scene inspired by classic serial killer flicks. It was a huge shakeup to see the girls attempt (key word being “attempt”) to be the fishiest version of themselves. Victoria BlackBiqtch Puddin’ and James Majesty in particular pulled out some serious womana for this challenge and slayed their scenes. Some of the other girls however…

The Bad

This week really showed which girls had the versatility to pull out a “pretty” look in addition to being monstrous. And, well… some girls floundered when they were going for fish. Keeping with her cute anime camp, season 2 underdog Erika Klash just  didn’t deliver in the eyes of The Boulets. Though Disasterina gave a comical and committed performance, her lack of editing robbed her of being the top monster this week. And then there was Abhora, and we’ll just leave it at that. Some monsters should stick to being monsters.


The Ugly

For the Extermination Challenge, the bottom three queens were subjected to lie detector tests to see if any of them were dirty little liars. And The Boulets pulled no punches when it came to what they wanted to know. From if they’ve had sex with any of the other cast mates to if they in their dark hearts they could honestly win this competition, the real tea was spilled and some real sides of the girls were brought to light. Erika admitted that she didn’t think she could win, Victoria had to own up to thinking she was better than the rest of the ghouls and Abhora got caught in lies about forgiveness and friendship. Needless to say, it was fun to see them sweat.


The Master Monster

The girls were all put on the spot to go outside their comfort zone in many ways, and made all of them a bit sheepish from what we’ve come to get used to. But one queen who didn’t shy away from awkwardness or finding the truth was one of the week’s special guest judges, the legendary Coco Peru. She dove right into the juicy questions when testing the girls’ honesty, she had useful critiques of the performances and met everything with her sharp tongue, crude humor and quit wit. Bow down, bitches.

In Summation

Girls will be girls and The Boulets showed this week that you need to be more than just monstrous to come out on top of this competition. And since the crafty and congenial Erika Klash was killed off this week, who knows the madness that will ensue now that the cast’s well-tempered buffer is gone. Five queens left. Whose throat will be slashed next?


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