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Dragula Episode 4 Recap

Our favorite ghouls were back for another episode of Dragula, even if it was posted several hours late. In the workroom, the monsters were brainstorming who went home. Evah Destruction put her money on Yovska, while Dollya Black wanted to see her grandma Maddlynn Hatter go home. Hollow Eve spoke about getting her armpit tattooed because she wanted to feel pain for the pain she caused her group. I respect that! Meanwhile, Maddlynn returned to Dollya’s disappointment. 

Everyone was called to the main stage where they learned the challenge this week was an acting one. It would be dungeons and drag queens themed where the monsters were assigned characters. Everyone was either some kind of elf or reptilian. Priscilla Chambers said that she didn’t know much about Dungeons and Dragons because people used it to protect their virginity. That sounds fair. Israel delivered a handwritten scroll telling the competitors to look for a key within the workroom. The key of life or death ended up in Dollya’s hands. To quote Landon Cider, the last thing she needs is more power!

The script for the acting challenge was delivered and let’s just say, the run through was a bit rough. Or as Louisianna Purchase put it, “everyone’s portrayal of their character is a little…weird.” During practice, Maddlynn pulled Dollya aside to make sure they squashed their beef. Everyone was a bit frustrated to lose them from rehearsal. We learned a bit more about their history. The last time they saw each other, Maddlynn broke Dollya’s trust. Their heartfelt moment was really cute and I think they are finally back in each other’s good graces. They did miss the entire rehearsal, though. 

While everyone was getting ready, Evah shared that she didn’t finish high school because she ended up in a troubled teens facility. My heart broke for her as she shared her struggles growing up. Her story made me respect her art that much more. Why do these shows about drag performers always make me cry?

It was time for the competitors to act out their dungeons and drag queens scene. Writers and directors Michael Varrati and Darren Stein joined the Boulet Brothers on the judges panel. Everyone’s looks were so cool this week. I loved the colors Landon used in his, as well as how beautiful Louisianna looked. Everyone’s acting was only a tiny bit painful, so that’s good. 

Before the judges critiques, the Boulet Brothers finally explained Dollya’s key. She could either save herself from extermination or put any one of her competitors on the chopping block. She decided to save herself, which was good because her look was a bit rough. Priscilla was the only safe performer this week. Louisianna, Landon, Hollow,  and Evah got the highest marks, while Maxi Glamour and Maddlynn Hatter fell into the bottom two.  Maddlynn technically shouldn’t have been there, but since her granddaughter had the key of life, she went in her place. Family drama!

This week’s extermination challenge was a good ol’ public humiliation parade.Their fellow contestants threw food at them while they begged for their lives. Maddylnn had a meltdown over this. Another week, another meltdown. Am I right? In the end, it seemed like she kind of had fun with it? She read all the other competitors and threw the food back at them. So, I think her meltdown was a little premature. Maxi seemed to have a good time as well. Everyone agreed she slayed them. In the end, she met her demise, though.

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below! See you next week, hopefully on time!

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