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Dragula: Episode 8 Recap

The Boulet Brothers and their monsters were back again this week after the last episode’s shocking extermination. Landon Cider, Priscilla Chambers, Louisianna Purchase, and Dollya Black remained in the competition battling for a spot in the final three.

Dollya and Landon returned to the workroom to see it decked out with jack-o-lanterns. The best! The pair brainstormed over who went home. Dollya thought it would be Louisianna, but Landon sensed Evah Destruction went into the extermination defeated. Only Priscilla returned at first, having stapled herself 14 times in the leg. Soon after, Louisianna returned. If you remember last week, she passed out. But, she’s alive and well! 

The glorious alarm sound rang over the speakers. The monsters met the Boulets at the mainstage to learn their challenge for the week. Everyone would be revamping a classic Halloween archetype and competing against each other face-to-face. The winner of the challenge would not only make the top three but also land a headlining spot in the Boulet’s annual Halloween Ball! 

Backstage, everyone went over the scariest things that have happened to them. Louisianna was in a bad car accident, Landon battled cancer, Priscilla came out in a homophobic town, and Dollya started drag at Pulse, the home of one of the biggest mass shootings and hate crimes in history. During this heart to heart moment, Priscilla apologized to Dollya. Now we have a big, happy family! Oh, and they found out they had to carve a jack-o-lantern to go with their floor show. We stan this whole sequence! 

While prepping for the floor show, Landon gushed about her mom and showed the cutest photobook of her modeling all of her mom’s costume creations. Louisianna’s inspiration was satan, Priscilla was inspired by Frankenstein’s monster, and Dollya was all about the grim reaper. 

It was time for the final floor show! Horror icons Danielle Harris and Rachel True joined the Boulets on the judge’s panel. The competition was beyond stiff! Louisianna’s attention to detail with the 666 sweeps of her bangs, Landon’s werewolf, and Dollya and Priscilla’s props were all great. Then, the monsters competed on stage against each other in a lip-sync performance. It was a lot of fun to watch them all on stage together. I thought everyone did a great job.

The judges thought Louisianna underperformed, especially having not won a challenge yet. Dollya was given critiques for her low energy performance. Everybody loved Landon’s look and concept but thought he could have brought more energy to the performance. Priscilla revealed she was indeed tasing herself with a real taser, so that’s cool. She also received high praise. Landon Cider got yet another much-deserved win, leaving Dollya, Priscilla, and Louisianna all in the bottom three. But wait, all four cast members would be participating in the extermination challenge. Everyone would be sent to a haunted house and had to find a jack-o-lantern with an invite to the top three. Scare actors would be there and waivers would be signed so they could have a field day with the monsters. Wow, incredible! 

Priscilla had never been in a haunted house, so she was in for a treat. On the other hand, Landon said he gets the giggles in a haunted house, so we will have both sides of the coin here. The location of this haunted house was scary enough. They were then completely blindfolded, only to have it ripped off by masked men. They were being terrorized! Louisianna lost her wig at one point. It was pretty great to watch, but count me out of experiencing it. In the end, it was Louisianna who was exterminated. I was bummed to see her go! 

Well, kids, we have our top three! Who are you rooting for? Landon, Dollya, or Priscilla? Sound off in the comments below!

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