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Dragula: Ghost Town Ghoul

Welcome back, uglies. This week on Dragula, the wannabe supermonsters faced off in the Wild, Wild West where things got a bit heated (literally). This ghost town was only big enough for eight though, and one was sent to a shallow grave after a quick-draw shootout.

The Good

After a horrific first episode, The Boulet Brothers decided to dump the nine queens into a sweltering ghost town where they would be creating looks telling a story of how one of the wretched townspeople met their fates and are now forever cursed to wander the desert. The floorshow featured crazed performances and undead antics of the queens haunting the town, from a maniacal black & white bank robber to a feral blood-soaked coyote, all in 100 degree heat. The winning look was brought by Victoria Black, who burned the floorshow as a charred fortune teller, complete with a blazing inferno in her performance. Welcome to Hell.

The Bad

Though many of the queens brought their best undead game to the floorshow, some of them seemed to scrape the bottom of the barrel for theirs. Surprisingly, James Majesty, who was the winner of last week’s challenge, was one of the ones who needed to up the scare factor as she seemed a little too “put together” to be among the dead.

Disasterina, although accomplishing the challenge, was told that they wanted to see her quirky, crazy side come out more in her looks and personality. Understandably frustrated, Disasterina vented to the viewers about The Boulets not getting what she was showing. Luckily, she had all those babies on her dress that she could continue to take her anger out on.

The Ugly

With the explosion of Boudoir drama that happened in the premiere, it was nice to see James and Monikkie make up after a stroll through town (and just in time too). However, the terrible twosome set sights on a new target, Biqtch Puddin’. The girls passed the bloody knife from Abhora to James to Monikkie and back, tearing into her like a fresh corpse. Even Dahli took a stab.

But in the shootout challenge, Biqtch got a taste of revenge when she landed a replay-worthy headshot on Monikkie Shade, sealing her fate of being killed off this episode.

The Master Monster

This episode we got to see a new side of the queens, and some are straight up badass. The HBIC if this episode has to be Kendra Onixx. From the get go, she held very little back and had no problem saying what she thinks. Not to mention that she has military training under her corset. In other words, she’s a powerhouse.

And after a freakish floorshow presentation that featured live rats and gurgling green goo, she unleashed her inner gunslinger and destroyed James in the paintball shootout without even breaking a sweat. This is not a queen to mess with.

In Summation

Just as merciless as the Old West, The Boulet Brothers aren’t shooting blanks when they say they’re putting these queens through the ringer. With the masked marvel Monikkie Shade gone and eight queens still hungry to prove they’re monster material, keep your eyes pealed for rattlesnakes in the sand. You usually only see them once it’s too late.

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