Dragula: Gothic Brides

I hear wedding bells… from hell. I hope you uglies are in the mood for heartbreak, because this week the wannabe supermonsters had to become gothic brides to make even the most heartless of beasts feel a tingle. Be still my heart…

The Good

The blushing brides-to-be took the aisle by storm with powerful and over the top looks and haunting performances. From Victoria Black’s headless groom bouquet to James Majesty‘s poison flower fantasy, the girls all summoned their best theatrics to woo The Boulet Brothers. Each one showed their own unique style channeled into their bridal monstrosities and gave one hell of a Floorshow. Well done, ladies.


The Bad

Although the floorshow was visually stunning, there were some serious missteps that caused some of the judges to file for divorce. A big part of the challenge was to embellish and feature a Dirt Squirrel fan in the performance, and unfortunately James Majesty’s fan got lost in her costume and costed her dearly. Abhora was all over the place, channeling pure punk energy. But within her punk, she got wrapped up (literally) in her costume and fell down. Disasterina failed to edit herself down again and gave a lackluster performance. So much for wedded bliss.


The Ugly

Things got REAL in both the Boudoir and on the judges panel with dissenting opinions about Abhora. The girls are officially over her negativity and her seeming half-truths from last week’s lie detector test caused many of them to distrust anything she says. After the Floorshow, The Boulets’ claws came out at each other over Abhora’s performance. Dracmorda was having none of Abhora’s sloppiness but Swanthula was gagged over the hot mess she showcased. In the end, Abhora came out on top and the bottom, both winning the challenge yet also being up for extermination.


The Master Monster

Although it was a hot topic of debate all throughout the show, this week’s master monster has to go to Abhora. Whether you gagged or choked over her performance, or think she’s trying to change her ways or just full of crap, she commanded the attention of everyone this episode and really left her stink on that stage. Love her or hate her, she’s still in the game and she’s clawing her way to the top.


In Summation

It was a cold ending to a red hot episode when the bottom girls had to withstand their feet in buckets of ice. And though all three of them reached the time limit, it was Disasterina who was met with a chilly end and sent off to the morgue. Six queens down and four to go. It’s any monster’s game and we’re thirsty for more blood.


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