Dragworld UK 2018 Coverage: What Queen Could Replace The Queen?

Dragworld UK returned to London last weekend and brought an array of international and local queens to the Olympia Convention Center. Now that the glitter has settled, we set out to ask the queens the most British question of them all.

“In the event Queen Elizabeth II was to pass, which drag queen do you think would be best equipped to take her place and why?”

Who did they decide should rule the land? Read on to find out!


Jujubee: “I’ll take over, honey! I will take over and say something like today is Sausage Roll Day. If I were to be queen, I’d have Wear a Hat Day, a Vegan Day, it’s Kitty Day and then, of course, Pick Up the Litter Day. As well as Buy Jujubee’s Merch Day of course!”

Jinkx Monsoon: “You know what, I’d have to say, Raja. Raja because we need to lift up someone who is non-gender conforming, lift up a person of colour and let’s also lift up a stoner who is too goddamn chill to make the place a worse place. If anything she’d tell everyone to just calm the fuck down, chill out and smoke some weed.”

Lydia L’Scabies: “Oh Jesus, who would be good – it’s on the tip of my tongue. I’m going to say – well technically she’s Irish –  but Panti Bliss would be good. Because she’s politically driven, absolutely gorgeous and just gives me the vibe she could run a country or a throne. Although the queen doesn’t make many decisions –  Panti would be a lot more proactive with it.”

Joe Black (left): “Oh that’s a good question, oooh I was going to say someone like Julian Clary. I’m saying Ellen Page, she can just sing to the British public every day.”

Amber Cadaverous (above, right): “Oh my God, that is so hard…any drag queen? Can I make myself queen? I think I’ve got the level of style to make activism so can look good whilst doing it. Plus I’d make really really good job roles.”

Kitty Tray: “It definitely has to be a British queen for sure, I am going to say Charlie Hides, as Charlie is old and regal enough. Lily Savage even though she’s retired but she is the queen of all drag queens and everyone knows her.”

Crayola Queen: “Such a tough question, I would most definitely choose Crystal Lubrikunt. Her platform addresses loads of important topics and different messages, plus a great representative of the British people. I don’t mean to appropriate the term, but the UK doesn’t really have any banjee type queens, but she definitely has girl next door vibe edge to her style.”

Miss Zodi: “I think Kameron Michaels would be a great queen, she’s amazing at what she does and would do great things with her power. Her rules would be hair flip Fridays!”

Phoenix Royale: “Personally, I have to believe Crystal Lubrikunt, she knows exactly what she’s doing, she’s kind, loyal and just wants to spread love to everyone.”

Drag Coven’s Courtney Conquers: “I think the drag that should take over is Alaska Thunderfuck although I think she’d have to change her last name though. Because a) I’m biased as f*ck,  she’s my favourite human being, b) she’s super super smart so you know she’d do a great job and c) I think it’s funny she wears the same dresses in different colours every day and if she was to be queen and shop in public that would be a challenge to see how many colours she’d show up in.”

Crystal Lubrikunt: I’d say Miss Coco Peru would be perfect for the job! If I had to choose an UK queen, it would definitely be Drag with no name!

Who would you want to take over? Let us know in the comment section!

Thank you to Sparkles from DragAdventures for photographing DragWorld UK for WERRRK.com! Follow her on Instagram here!

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