Elimination Transformation with Jamie-Lynn: Mrs. Kasha Davis


Welcome to another edition  ELIMINATION TRANSFORMATION with Jamie-Lynn! Jamie-Lynn Smith of the Drag Coven has joined NotSafe4Werk.com and each week will transform either herself or one of her friends into the queen that was just eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race is a series of makeup tutorials! Jamie-Lynn is a talented makeup artist and is a huge Drag Race fangirl, along with her fellow Drag Coven partners in crime, Courtney and Meghan!

This week, Jamie-Lynn is battling allergies while doing Mrs. Kasha Davis’ makeup look! How do you think Jamie-Lynn did? Let us know what you think and if you’re on the east coast, be sure to join us here for the NotSafe4Werk.com Post Race Show and chat with fellow Drag Race fans! Stay tuned next week for more Elimination Transformation!


About Jamie-Lynn Smith 15 Articles
Jamie Smith is a real girl and therefore mad she can't be a real drag queen. She spends her time as a makeup artist/craft store cashier dressing up and masquerading as a faux queen. Not to mention the occasional trip here or there to see her favourite queens.

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