From a seaside town in the South of England, Emily started out as a quiet, bookish, slightly emo teenager (weren’t we all?) then she discovered the Japanese subculture “Harajuku” and she was reborn in a flurry of glitter, oversized headpieces and circle lenses. She unintentionally stumbled upon the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race and dived head first into the world of drag and never looked back.

Aside regularly haunting almost every drag night up and down the United Kingdom, Emily stage manages at UK drag night called Eat Sleep Drag Repeat, models and promotes for several Harajuku themed and kawaii brands and assists her queen friends when they come to visit her across the pond. Whether she’s keeping you up to date with #THEWEEKINDRAG or interviewing your favourite dragged up hero for Meow Mixxx, she’ll always be keeping it cute.

Overall, Meow aims to be an advocate for equality, with a particular interest is gender, feminism and its connections to the drag world (she even wrote her BA Hons dissertation on it). As a wannabe Disney Princess, cat worshipping, Harajuku loving ball of pink fluff, Emily will always aim to add her bubblegum pink flare to!

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