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Ok…so there were some issues tonight…so let’s talk about

Biggest issue: no new ground was moved it introduced new people and relationships for seemingly no reason and only moved quickly on making all of those things irrelevant I get the idea the show is scared of going too far due to criticism, but standing still isn’t great either. Maybe it is the weight the new characters bring, but only time will tell.

That’s not to say the show was without it’s merits. On the flip side of the previous thought’s coin, Mat Fraser got some very strong moments and it felt fresh to have his voice. While it brought in unwanted baggage, Fraser held his own and shined through.

Giving Sarah Paulson two characters this season might be the best idea Ryan Murphy has ever had. Also, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates acting together is a gift we’re lucky to get. Oh, and I have I mentioned Finn Wittrock is the most captivating thing on this show? Cause truth is…he is.

In summation, Bullseye , has told us.

Jessica Lange won the Game of Thrones. Ok…seriously….this gift giving is probably just an everyday occurrence for Jessica Lange….she’s worth it. Siamese Twins can’t hear each other’s voiceovers. “When a Freak dies, you take a shot” is the new AHS drinking rule. Emma Roberts killing a little person is emotionally worse than her killing the Scream franchise. Finn Wittrock has hit Emmy nomination status. We are spoiled to get Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates on screen together weekly.

The show has solidified the characters better than any other season, it needs to pick the plot up and go somewhere.

Keep geek.


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