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American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Curtain Call

Well the curtain fell on Freak Show and my oh my, what a thud it landed with, at least the curtain looked pretty though.

So per usual, the show’s ending was not earned by the lead up to it and they were forced to rush through wrapping up storylines leaving the audience either totally disappointed or unsure what to think about it, either one of those are particularly good. Neither one should have closed a season with a really strong premise and consistently stellar performances. I couldn’t tell if the reasoning of “We all play parts in life so no one is evil if they play their part” was either interesting cause we have never heard such a thought before or just a total cop out, though maybe it was both.



The episode was essentially two stories and both rushed their way to the finish. Rushing is never a good thing, but the difference between this finale and all other AHS finales is that most AHS finales make no sense because they view it as just another episode. This finale would have worked as a strong finale had the build up to it been stronger. So I guess it’s growing up?

I wanna be somewhat positive on the final review so I will say this: I feel the acting this season is hands down the best of any American Horror Story season. It has made up for a lack of a story longer than it should have. The actors felt so comfortable in their characters and it made the atmosphere way better. Sarah Paulson was incredible all the way through. She made two characters on one body seem entirely different and interesting to watch. I don’t know what future holds Finn Wittrock has on AHS, but I hope whatever he does next, takes him to new levels. He has been the best part of this season and he was perfect till his last breath.

Lastly, I feel Jessica Lange deserves her own mention. I was skeptical at first when I heard she would be playing German, but Jessica Lange blew me away with how much she truly added to this character by making it her own. She told the story in so many ways. Finn Wittrock might have been Freak Show’s MVP, but Jessica Lange has been the show’s MVP and center of the universe for years. She will be missed.

In summation, Curtain Call, has told us:

Anything Goes is best in Magenta. Sexy young studio executives help out middle aged ladies they just met that slapped people in their office because…reasons. Freaks can’t hear gunshots…let alone four of them. Angela Bassett was just on the show to hang out…that’s it. Hollywood wasn’t good enough to make the kinky stuff go away back in the day…oh how far we’ve come. If you’re awful in life it’s cool…you can still go to heaven because you were supposed to be awful…sure Ryan Murphy…whatever you gotta tell yourself.” Jessica Lange…you will be missed on this show. Speaking of…what’s Glenn Close up to?”

Alright everyone, last thing I wanna say about Freak Show is this, thank you so much for reading my recaps weekly. It has really meant the world to me.

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