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American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Pink Cupcakes

So we are past Halloween….did the show live up? It did…

…by not failing us with the post-AHS Halloween episode being a big let down for no reason.The pacing of the episode was really bizzare and not within theme. Things moved fast that shouldn’t have and it didn’t feel like it was placed correctly. Nothing felt necessary, save for the Dandy stuff but even then the show is forcing the Dandy/Freak Show connection that I don’t know if the genesis idea of the show was Dandy or Freak Shows, but Finn Wittrock…still killing it…literally.

That sex scene was all shock and in no way good. There were a million and a half ways to do that scene that would convey the same idea and they chose the option from the reject pile, which was a recurring theme this episode. Followed by the scene at the doctors which was from the same pile apparently.

One good thing I will is the acting is still on point. Chiklis tonight was on fucking fire. Oh and Frances Conroy is a gem. I mean….a gem. The perk of this show is the actors we have been introduced

…oh and all the nearly naked Dandy gay montageing.

In summation, Pink Cupcakes, has told us:

“’Lead in your loafers, cupcake’ is a phrase I’m going to use within the next few days. Evan Peters jawline is made by his smile and it’s all you want. A drag queen is needed to teach AHS’ make up artist the art of blending for camera. The Drunk Angela Basset Show needs to happen in lieu of the sex scene….and the doctors scene after that. Ryan Murphy has reached a new level of gay tonight. Matt Bomer…TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY! Ryan Murphy wanted you to feel ashamed for thinking Finn Wittrock….next to naked covered in blood…is still hot. This episode is still better than the finale of Dexter….so um…there’s that.

This wasn’t a a great episode, it wasn’t even good, it was like here are the ingredients but we don’t know how to bake them all together.

I wanna hope this isn’t but at this point, we can pretty much guess not even the stellar performances will save what is next. I hope I’m wrong.

Keep geek.


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