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American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Show Stoppers

CATEGORY ISSSSSSSSS…missed potential.

Y’all, where do I begin with this episode? What happened…short answer…a lot, but what the fuck was the point of any of it. This had so much but it needed to be spread out the last few episodes cause in reality it was interesting, but the way it unfolded this episode, it wasn’t earned.

So let me start with the end, which was legitimately interesting, but we are at the finale next week and we aren’t gonna get more than thirty minutes of him runnin roughshod over the freaks.

Oh and welcome back Ax Man, glad you told us the lamest reason about why you can’t be with Elsa.

All of this episode was super rushed and made little sense. It’s a really cool story but it needs way more time to tell.

I won’t lie, the NPH killing Emma Roberts was shocking and the response was, well it was, but again, ugh…what was It for other than to rush the story along.

In summation, Show Stoppers, has told us:

“You might not get the line, ‘One of us!’ this season. Emma Roberts studied melodramas to prepare for this role…the wrong melodramas. Wait, was that tecnically incest? Dot and Bette are proper Southern ladies. Tarantino apparently ghost wrote and directed this episode. Oh….oh they did that to Emma Roberts tho. Dandy isn’t just good at killing people…he’s good at lowballing them too. This episode is pretty much where Tim Burton wanted to initially take Big Fish.”

Ok…well let’s see what happens next week because something tells me, it will be like most AHS finale’s.

Keep geek.


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