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American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Test of Strength

I’m not sure what to think right now. On the one hand, I’m very much enjoying watching this season for the killer performances, but in a TV world like we have today, is acting enough?

Sure Jessica Lange is her usual incredible self, Kathy Bates is firing on all cylindars, Evan Peters is better than he’s ever been, Chiklis is a very welcomed addition, Sara Paulson is incredible in pulling off two characters, and Finn Wittrock best new thing to television.

The big problem right now is that the show isn’t doing anything to push the story forward, they have told us what they wanna do, but not executing anything to push it forward. We need to start seeing the appearance of consequences and not any new characters.

In summation, Test of Strength, has told us:

“In an alternate universe, Tim Burton directed this season and it was perfect. Is this season trying to be the harder edged Glee or what? Jessica Lange doesn’t need that much tanner make up dept. The Kathy Bates/Angela Bassett buddy comedy that started last season, might be back, thank the Lord. We never thought we’d see Michael Chiklis having sexual tension with another man, but so glad it is working out. So no one is gonna question Dell’s story? Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange together will always be made of YAAAAASSSSSS! Oh Denis O’Hare, you sassy bitch! Seriously though, what is this father/daughter storyline? Letter reading, wardrobe by provided by Dieter of Sprockets. After being stabbed in the gut last week and near death, Paul is fine, HUZZAH! 1950s FREAK SHOW MEDICINE! There wasn’t enough Dandy in this episode. There wasn’t enough nearly naked Dandy in this episode.”

Ok, well I guess we will see what happens next, but the question is, as we enter the last half of the season, will it be worth it?

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