The Freak Show Revue: Monsters Among Us


American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Monsters Among Us


Ryan Murphy’s freak show is back….and this time it’s about a Freak Show. It will be interesting to see how this plays out considering the show’s track record of consistency but if nothing else, it is off to a strong, and I’ll admit, terrifying start.

Let me start with the best thing….Jessica Lange….duh. I was skeptical when I heard “German accent” but I am so happy how she oozed and sauntered every bit of each emotion on the screen. She really showed she’s going full throttle towards the end of her run.

Sarah Paulson is always great, her starting off the season was well done especially when they pull away the layers of the character. I’m worried the writer’s might move too fast with her, but Paulson is doing her best pulling double duty. If nothing else, it will be engaging to watch.

So yeah, I truly didn’t expect to be that scared but low and behold….I really really was. Twisty was much more terrifying than I thought he would be. Hopefully they don’t do something stupid like give him a backstory, but last night I closed my eyes a couple of times.

Lastly on the positive note is this: American Horror Story, for all it’s faults, is always one helluva well shot show. The fifties feel was fresh alive and in all in glorious VIVID color, it really helped be the beauty among the beasts.

The opening credits have changed and….it feels off. It doesn’t have the natural feel the other ones do. These seem far too animated, where as the others have had the fear be in subtlety, this feels forced.

My biggest issue with last night is Ryan Murphy. I see with this episode with a strong start and couldn’t help but wonder, “Great start…how and when will Ryan Murphy ruin this?” Normally it’s RIGHT after the Halloween episode, but hopefully it stays on track.

….then again maybe that’s just always my AHS Premiere Night Prayer.

In summation, Monsters Among Us, has told us:

“Sarah Paulson is always best when damaged. YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS JESSICA LANGE! YAAAASSSSSS!!!! Even though you see the clown coming… AHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY SHIT!!! how did Elsa get that extra month tho? We have no idea what Kathy Bates’ accent is. PEPPER PEPPER BO BEPPER! No seriously….what is Kathy Bates’ accent? We all thought Francis Conroy was a sugar mama and were ok with it. OMG JESSICA LANGE IS SINGING DAVID BOWIE!!! Evan Peters’ character ISN’T centered around a girl? I’m confused. Dot and Bette seemed to um…acclimate quickly. So Elsa is a German Norma Desmond on opium and Kathy Bates is her bearded lady Max….I guess what I’m saying is…I’m in.

Alright AHS, you got me…again…just….just promise to try harder this season…k?

Keep geek.


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