Galloping Out Of Pandora’s Boxx: A Shiny, New “Unicorn”


Chiffon Dior: Pandora Boxx? Seriously? You’re stuck doing ANOTHER interview with me? You must have the WORST agent ever! Or is this part of that court-ordered community service you mentioned to me in confidence?

Pandora Boxx: Definitely community service. I’m a giver.

CD: I’m not going to touch that one but kidding aside, it’s good to talk to you again! You’ve been KILLING it on Drag Center during a…..let’s say challenging season. How do you feel this season has been shaking out?

PB: Thank you! I made a conscious decision not to hold back and try and make it more conversational, like I was watching the episode with my friends. I feel like we’ve see a lot of bitchy attitudes and negativity so I’m hoping things lighten up soon, possibly with Snatch Game.

CD: Let’s get to the real reason you’re here and it isn’t bitchy season 7 gurls! You’re doing amazing charitable work, raising money to protect one of the rarest animals on Earth, the Unicorn! Wait, my intern is handing me something here. Well this is awkward. It says here you’re putting out a SONG called “Unicorn”. I guess that begs the question, why don’t you care about the plight of these wondrous creatures enough to raise money to help protect them Pandora?

PB: Well, if two bigots who own a shitty pizza parlor in Indiana can get almost a million dollars, I should be able to raise some money for all the unicorns in the world. Let’s be honest who doesn’t love unicorns? Maybe Republicans.

Unicorn - Pandora Boxx_TEST

CD: Well I guess as long as you’re here I might as well ask you about this song even though you’re just appropriating their cultural imagery for personal gain. In all seriousness, this has to be your most anticipated song ever! I feel like I’ve been hearing about this one coming for months and months! I think you even mentioned it when we talked about your song (’s 2014 Drag Song of the Year) “Different” last summer. What made you want to sing about unicorns? Where did this song come from and why did you make us all wait so long for it?

PB:I actually did this song live at a few of the Battle of the Seasons tour last year so yeah it’s been around for awhile. It hasn’t been released until now because the video is a bit ambitious. It’s really a fun romp through this fantasy world. I’m basically living out childhood fantasies about fairy tale creatures through this video. The song came about because I wanted something that had a 60’s/B52’s kind of vibe and Mirrortone Studios in NYC really delivered a great track. It wasn’t originally about unicorns but through some rewrites that’s what it became. I started posted pictures of unicorns on my social media when any of my posts became too controversial or I got too much hate. So I thought why not make this song about unicorns. Although, it may be a metaphor but that’s for the listener to decide.

CD: You look amazing in the promo shots we’ve seen for “Unicorn”, especially that pastel rainbow wig! How did you come up with your look for the video?

PB: Thank you! My friend William Dick of WDPhotoInc is a brilliant photographer so I have him to thank for making me look so good. That wig is also pretty epic and it’s from Clutching at Curls in Australia. They do brilliant wigs. For that costume as well as I think every costume, I owe to one of my best friends Dallas Coulter who designs most of my costumes. She’s amazing. I wanted to do different takes on fairy tale characters in the video and really make the gayest video I could.


CD: Let’s talk a little bit about the video for “Unicorn” as well. Just based on the teaser we’ve all seen, it looks gorgeous, not unlike the video for “Different”. It seems like this is the second video in a row that is going to look spectacular. Did you work with the same people you did for your last video?

PB: Yes! I shot this in Vancouver and used Berlin and Joey as my video hoes. Ha! They were both in my “Different” video and I just love them. Rami Mikhail, who directed “Different,” did this video too and he’s just brilliant. Once you find people you trust and are talented, you just want to keep working with them.

CD: So I guess that explains why you keep doing interviews with me? I’m flattered!

PB: I choose not to answer that question because after All Stars, I’ve worked on not being too bitchy though I might have just made a stank face.


CD: Do you still enjoy making music? Do you already have your next song in mind?

PB: I really do which is why I do it. It’s a lot of work and money and people can be way harsh. I know I’ll never be a Mariah Carey but I have fun with what I put out and hope others do to. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any more music but you never know!

CD: Changing the subject completely, what did you think of the season finale of The Walking Dead? Where do you think they’re going from here? If the zombie apocalypse actually happened, which one of your Drag Race sisters would you leave comatose in the hospital so you could hook up with their husband/boyfriend a la Shane?

PB: I really loved the season finale, especially because I was afraid they were going to kill off Glenn! Phew. The set-up for the next season is pretty epic. There will be SO much going on! It’s going to be a really interesting dynamic. What the hell is going on with The Wolves?! Terrifying. As far as who I’d leave comatose, there’s a few but not because I want to hook up with their husband but more because they’d be dead weight. I want to survive, not deal with diva-tude!

CD: As always, thank you so much for your time Pandora! Is there anything else you would like to promote before we call this is an evening?

PB: Thank you too! Always a pleasure! I would like to remind people to eat their citrus and raspberries because Scurvy is still out there people. Oh and make sure to check out my blog The SoapBoxx!


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